Who Knew A Short Sweater Could Solve a Big Problem

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This short sleeved sweater helps my elderly mom when she has a cold feeling in her upper or lower back.jpgMy senior mom’s back has been so cold lately. We think it is an after-effect of a surgery she had a few years ago. She can be feeling just fine all over, but her back will be freezing and it really bothers her to feel so chilly.

We have found a couple of good solutions to help her and I wanted to share one of them with you today. I spotted it on sale at Macy’s, took a chance and bought it for her as a surprise, and she LOVES it.  It’s one of those cute sweaters with very short arms. It’s more than a vest which wasn’t quite warm enough for her. But it’s less than a full sweater for those days when she just isn’t cold anywhere else but her back.

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The sleeves come about halfway down on my elderly parents arm .jpg

She loves that it’s so pretty AND that it was a great sales price. Talk about a win-win! She did have one recommendation, though. She suggested NOT taking a nap with just this sweater on as your body temperature usually drops while sleeping and you’re likely to wake up with very cold arms, as she just did.

Best to have elderly parents wear long sleeves during nap so no chills.jpg


How about you and your senior parents? Have you found any special clothing item that solved a pesky problem? We’d love to hear about it!

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