My senior mom was shocked to discover You have mail is the same plot line as the Judy Garland musical In the Good Old Summertime - fun for us all

Shocking News For My Senior Mom and Myself!

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My senior mom was shocked to discover You have mail is the same plot line as the Judy Garland musical In the Good Old Summertime - fun for us allI managed to shock my senior mom today!

"Did you know that the movie, In the Good Old Summertime, (with Van Johnson and Judy Garland) was basically the same plot-line as You've Got Mail?" (with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan) I asked her. 

"No it's not!" She replied.

"Yup! I was doing research for an article and looked at some of the clips of the songs"  (I LOVE Judy Garland, so it was easy to "get lost" in all those fun old songs!). "As I watched it, I'm thinking 'This is the same plot line as You've Got Mail. So I checked it out at Wikipedia and it WAS the same basic plot line!"

It was fun to surprise her and fun to watch the clips of a cute old movie set in a different century – back when cars and horses shared the road much more than they do now. (Yes, we do have that occasionally but it's the exception rather than the rule.)

The funny thing is, as much as I loved Judy Garland, I wasn't that crazy about this particular movie, though my mom and dad loved it. However, I really enjoyed You've Got Mail, as did she. You'd think one of us might have noticed this sooner. Did you or your senior parents? 🙂

Whether you did or not, here's a fun clip of the movie trailer including part of the song, In the Good Old Summertime, complete with the phrase – be my tootsie wootsie.

Bet our grandkids would love that nickname. Happy Summer to y'all! 


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    • A Little R & R
    • June 8, 2013

    But my favorite version of this story is Shop Around the Corner with James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan. 🙂 It is the best version of all.

  1. I really loved the movie “you’ve got mail” and I never saw the connection either! Now I’m informed!

  2. I loved “You’ve Got Mail” too – isn’t it nice to see wholesome movies for a change?!

  3. 🙂

  4. 🙂 Kc

  5. I’m going to have to try that sometime R&R – thanks for sharing that 🙂

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