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Amazon. In case you haven’t guessed, it’s one of my favorite places to purchase books. The prices are great I almost always get books for 30% or more off the normal price.The service is excellent. I’ve only seen them make two mistakes in all the years I’ve bought from them. And I buy a lot of books. They are terrific. But did you know, it’s not just books they are great at? They carry a multitude of other products as well. Today, we’re talking sheets.

As a caregiver, I’m always needing sheets. I have sheets for the spare beds for my grandkids. I’ve bought sheets when taking care of elder relatives. And, of course, I’ve had to buy sheets for myself. I must admit, I’ve gotten a bit spoiled. When I was in my 20s I just bought any old sheet, not realizing there was a difference. Somewhere in my 30s I read up on sheets and discovered that some are 100% cotton and some aren’t. Some sheets are 100 count, some 200 count, some are downright luxurious at 400 or 500 count. The higher the count, the softer and nicer they are. And the higher the count, the longer they stay nice even when you have beloveds who have many “accidents” requiring lots of machine washing.

It used to be that I had to haunt the stores looking for sales just to find the 200 count sheets at a “sale” price of $30. I know many friends who find them at one of their special stores for $10 but with caregiving keeping me hopping, I rarely have the time to devote to hunting down those great prices. Along comes Amazon and I’m in sheet heaven. Almost every time I’ve looked, I’ve been able to find gorgeous sheets for $15-30, and that even includes king size. Today for example, I typed in cotton twin sheets. I found a set of 100% Egyptian cotton jersey sheets for $16.53. I also found Tommy Hilfiger 200 thread cotton sheets for $24. Not bad at all. If I’d needed a king or queen, I’d have done even better. They had a Pike Street 510-thread count 100% cotton sateen sheet set for $23.06! Now that’s definitely my cup of tea.

Not only that, but I did all this “shopping” from my computer, in 15 minutes, in between caring for a loved elder and a loved, but sick, younger. Now that makes this caregiver very happy!

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