Sharing God’s Love on Halloween

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Halloween can be a lot of fun. It can also be a little controversial among Christians. When my children were little, we did a a lot of research and praying. We chose to have fun with it by attending and helping with our church’s Harvest Party each year. The kids had fun dressing up, we’d always show them off in their cute costumes to our closest neighbors, and then we’d be off for an evening of fun, fellowship, and lots of candy.

Now that the kids are grown and the grandkids are here, we have a new custom that I enjoy just as much. We order pizza and pop, sometimes get to show the grandkids off to the neighbors, and have a great time handing out lots of yummy candy along with stickers, booklets, and coloring pages that tell the children of God’s love for them.

The local Christian bookstore usually has a nice supply of cute stickers that have Bible verses, cute pictures of the Nativity scene and other Bible stories, or positive sayings about God, such as “Stop and Pray,” “Smile – God loves you,” and “One Way – Jesus.” Those are very popular with the little ones. They often have fun tracts with jokes or word searches that the older ones seem to enjoy. I always make sure to give a good amount of candy with these, and have never had any complaints. In fact, I actually get quite a few comments like, “Hey, cool! Stickers.” and “A puzzle. Looks like fun!”

If you’re not able to get out to the store, or are looking for ways to save money, you can make your own surprises. Kids coloring pages are great for the little ones. You can give them by themselves or add a crayon with them. ChristianAnswers has a wide variety of Bible coloring pages that would work nicely.

For older children, CSAHM has a cute little poem, Our Trick, God’s Treat, written by Rev. Greg Asimakoupoulos. You can print out several copies, perhaps combining it with various kids coloring pages, and hand them out with Tootsie Rolls. 

One other site I discovered while researching for this article, Tons of Sons, has a cute idea for decorating their pumpkins to share God’s love. I didn’t see that in time for this year. But I’m going to save it to try next year.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow, full of God’s love, power and joy. Join me in praying for safety and salvation for our nation. And enjoy sharing God’s love with others.

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