My senior dad loved full elastic waist mens jeans when he reached the end stage of Parkinsons Disease-they were comfy and easy to get on

4 Useful Resources for Senior Mens Elastic Waist Pants

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Helping My Elderly Dad

My senior dad grew up in traditional pants and never gave a thought to elastic waist pants. Once he retired he switched to the oh-so-comfortable blue jeans, which he loved.

As his Parkinsons Disease progressed, his hands were shakier and his control was lessened. He had a harder time putting his pants on. Eventually he had to add mens elastic waist jeans to his shopping list and that worked quite well for a while.

Hospice Help

When he was placed on hospice, however, in the end stage of Parkinson’s Disease, he no longer felt comfortable wearing his trusty blue jeans. The zipper was too hard for his shaking hands to handle. There wasn’t enough “give” in the jeans, themselves, when he was shifting in his wheelchair. He hated having to change when going from bed to wheelchair a few times a day. And the jean material just wasn’t comfy for him in bed.

Khaki Elastic Waist Pants Comfort

He would have preferred Khaki like the Cherokee elastic waist pants above or these Falcon elastic waist pants for men (which come in big and tall sizes) but I didn’t even think to look at Amazon at the time. Which was a pity as they definitely have some nice choices!

Now, of course, that’s always my first stop – since it’s so wonderfully handy for a busy Sandwich Generation caregiver, dealing with the issues of caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren! (Aren’t these mens elastic waist pants sharp looking for seniors?)

Comfy Mens Elastic Waist Pants Hunt

At my mom’s request, I went on a comfy-clothes hunt for him, expecting to find sweat pants quite easily. It must have been the wrong time of year because it took me two or three stores. I finally found some nice, thick mens elastic waist sweat pants in a soft fabric that he really liked. I bought several and he pretty much lived in those all day.

Fast Forward, Same Needs of Full Elastic Waist Pants

Now we are close friends with a senior couple who are going through something similar. He is not on hospice, but his Parkinsons Disease symptoms have progressed quite a bit. Dealing with shaky hands and less control of his body overall, he, too, needs to make a major adjustment in his pant choice. Unlike my dad, though, he doesn’t like sweat pants. He still wants to wear regular slacks, as he has for over 75 years. He just wants them to be easier to get up and down.

Once again, my senior mom and I went on a bit of a hunt to help them and came up with some good looking options for mens elastic waist pants, twill pants, and drawstring pants: – My senior mom and I have ordered from Blair several times over the past year and been quite pleased with their service and their clothes. I noticed they do offer womens and mens elastic waist pants and their prices are always reasonable. Just search for “full elastic.”  If you are interested in ordering from them, sign up to get their online notifications first. They frequently send out great coupon offers – from free shipping to discounted clothes.

Elastic waist pants for elderly can be big help when caring for elderly parents dealing with dementia Parkinsons Disease more

More Full Elastic Waist Pants Options

Some other options I discovered include:

  • HABAND which is connected to Blair (which means you can use your Blair credit card with Haband 🙂 )- This seems to be one of the least expensive of our choices. My senior mom spotted a flyer from them in our Sunday paper and I noticed they were online, as well. They offer full, 360 degree mens elastic waist pants, including mens jeans. You can also get flannel-lined elastic waist jeans or twill pants that would be great for an elderly gentleman who tends to get chilly easily.
  • SILVERTSAdaptive Clothing & Footwear by Silvert’s can be a big help for our elderly parents. Silvert’s adaptive elderly clothing for men and women includes a selection of elastic waist mens pants. And for those who are dealing with such things as advanced Parkinson’s Disease like my elderly father, they have a selection of wheelchair clothing men and women will both appreciate. Their website states they have been providing adaptive clothing for 80 years. In addition, Amazon carries mens and womens side opening VELCRO-fastened pants from Silverts. When I see a company partner with Amazon, I feel more confident ordering online from that company.  
  • BUCK AND BUCK – They are based in Seattle and their site explains they’ve been in business for 31 years. I liked the fact that the can convert any of their clothes to velcro, giving you plenty of choices. Even dressy church clothes would be easy to get on and off, then. They also offer mens elastic waist pants, including twill pants. And if you’re like my senior dad in the early stages of Parkinsons Disease, they also offer full elastic waist mens jeans.   😉

Online Ordering is Grand!

Senior men full elastic waist slacks make dealing with dementia Parkinsons wheelchair easierWhen you are shopping for elderly parents, whether for mens elastic waist pants for seniors, or other pants elderly men will appreciate, online ordering can be a huge help. It saves me precious time! And if often provides more options These sites all offered online ordering, as that is the easiest way for our friends to shop right now. Please note, we have ordered from Amazon, Blair, Silverts, and Buck and Buck, all of whom are great! We have never ordered from Haband, nor have my friends.  They do have a good reputation online though. And as I told them, try one small order from whichever store you like, using a credit card. If there are any problems, you can then file a claim with your credit card company. However, I have never had to do that and, trust me, I order online a LOT!  🙂

Comfortable Clothing For Elderly Parents

Comfort clothes for seniors include comfortable mens full elastic waist pants great for seniors

Comfortable clothes elderly parents enjoy wearing means they can spend less time stressing over what they are wearing. Less time trying to deal with the difficult things in life like going to the bathroom with clothes that are hard for them to navigate. And that means more time to enjoy the small things in life that bring such sweet smiles – like precious dogs and adorable grandkids. Or maybe just sitting in peaceful repose. 🙂

Men’s Elastic Waist Pants and Jeans?

Have you ever ordered men’s elastic waist pants, either twill pants or elastic waist jeans, from any of these stores – or from other online stores? Did you like them? Do you have other easy-on, easy-off tips to share with us? We’d love to hear them. And isn’t it grand that we have so many wonderful online options for all the different health issues we may have to deal with – from Parkinsons Disease to dementia symptoms to stroke patients, etc.? As a busy baby boomer, constantly on the run caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren, I so appreciate all of them – and especially my personal favorite, Amazon. They are such a blessing!

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    • Kaye Swain
    • March 2, 2010

    New at SandwichINK:: 4 Useful Resources for Senior Mens Elastic Waist Pants

    • Angie Hoptry
    • January 27, 2012

    This company also makes great elastic waistband pants for men.

    • joe
    • March 14, 2012

    i am so happy tofind some one else that sees the need for full elastic waist for the elderly man…i have to sit when using the camode , since i can’t keep my balance to pull up and button my pants, i take off my shoes,take off my pants, walker to the bedroom to complete dressing boiling in hate no company produces an all elastic waist khaki or light denum with draw string…have i found a source ???

  1. Hi Joe, Hopefully you have 🙂 Here’s another link to click that shows a search I did at Amazon for mens khaki full elastic waist pants that may offer some more choices. Silverts Adaptive Clothing may also have some good options for you – type in mens elastic and look at those choices. Praying these work out well for you. 🙂

    • Sheila Simmons
    • March 10, 2013

    My husband has Parkinson’s Disease, and we have a mentally handicapped adult son who lives at home. I have ordered the full-elastic waist pants from Haband and Blair for both of them.
    We have been really pleased with the pants from both places:ease of dressing, quality-for-price, color selection, wash-and-wearability.

  2. Hi Sheila, thanks so much for letting us know. 🙂

    • linda
    • March 22, 2013

    …very frustrated having spent 3 hours going to websites in search of full elastic, NO zipper or fly pants (not fleece or sweatpants) for my 92 year old father who has Parkinson’s…still no results as above still have buttons/zippers he can no longer manipulate…if we had the capital, we’d start production! Thanks for letting me vent, Linda T

  3. Hi Linda, I know the feeling well! The last few months, the fleece was the most comfy for my senior dad, but until he reached that point, it was, indeed, a challenge. He usually just had my mom help him.

    Did you see this page from Buck & Buck – it looks like it has nice slacks with the full elastic waist pants –

    Habands has this –—shorts-casual/active-joe-reg–comfort-pants-07206/ – it’s Cotton/polyester jersey knit that stretches naturally for full movement. It has an all-around elastic waist with drawstring for ideal fit. If the material is ok, and he doesn’t want to have to work with the drawstring, perhaps they would work if it was removed?

    And Silverts has a nice pair of pants with velcro on the side. That would be a bit easier, tho I know it’s not exactly what you’re looking for.

    Let us know if any of these work – or if you find another good resource – and I’ll add it to the article. Praying you find something without too much headache!


    • Pam
    • December 6, 2013

    Thank you for all of this information. I am just now having to buy this type of clothing for my husband, who has Alzheimer’s. Thank you for making this transition so much easier.

  4. You’re very welcome Pam. You might also check out this Healthline post that lists 25 excellent blogs for those dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease. You might find even more grand resources to help you at one or more of those. 🙂 Just click here. 🙂

    • tresa thornton
    • December 15, 2013

    Does anyone know where I can find elastic jeans/pants that are smaller than waist size 30? My dad wears a 28, he’s an alzheimers patient who has lost quite a bit of weight. It seems most of the elastic pants are in bigger waist sizes.
    Thanks! tresa

  5. Oh my Tresa, I did a quick look and see exactly what you mean! Buck and Buck, which has an excellent reputation, has these elastic waist pants, with a velcro fly – in small – 28-30 . Also, I did find this at The Senior Shop – I haven’t used them before so I would only get one to start and make sure you like the company –

    Amazon has some Capezio elastic waist pants for dance classes – they go as low as size 28, but do fit tight for dancers, so you might even need bigger for those – I would read the description, then look locally for this type of pant to see if it might help with your dad.

    Another possibility, thinking WAY outside the box, is to check out the pants in the womens/juniors section and in the older boys section. Women’s would be more likely to have elastic waist jeans. And if the style is sufficiently “unisex” and the legs long enough, you might be able to get pants there.

    Do let us know how it goes. 🙂

  6. I was very glad to stumble on your website and find that there are many options to find the clothing I am looking for. I wondered if you or any commenters might know where to find fully elastic or drawstring jean shorts. My boss’s father can no longer use zippers or buttons, but he wants a pair of jean shorts, an I have searched the internet high and low! Thanks for your great article!

    • Theresa
    • March 30, 2014

    I purchased twill dress pants with Velcro closing and elastic waist band from Buck and Buck. They were wonderful. I had to call them because they alter the length for free and as my dad has an inseam of only 24 inches I called so they didn’t think it was an error. They were very well made, came quickly and were the size needed.

  7. Thanks for the info Theresa – very encouraging! 🙂

    • Liz
    • October 29, 2015

    Do the pants at Buck and Buck with an elastic waist pants and a velcro fly hold up well after washing? I’m wondering if the Velcro holds up after many washings?

    So happy I came across this article! Thank you!

  8. Hi Liz, Thanks for your sweet comment. I’m afraid I didn’t discover Buck and Buck until after my dad had gone to be with the Lord. So we have not had an opportunity to test them ourselves. I found them when doing additional research for one of my aunts, but she hadn’t had a chance to try them yet. However, they have a good reputation so I included them in the article as an extra place for others dealing with similar situations to look into. 🙂 I’ve had other clothes with velcro that lasted well. I would suggest trying one pair and see how you like it. And YES, if you do that we’d love to hear the results – good or bad. 🙂 Thanks again.


    • Kat
    • December 1, 2015

    My dad (92) likes an elastic waist pant, but we can’t find anything that is a trimmer cut. The width of the legs is huge on most of the elastic waist pants and he won’t wear them. Any sources?

  9. Hi Kat, I don’t personally know of any at the moment but I did spot this – with a comment that was similar to yours (dated 2012) “My dad has a big tummy, skinny legs, and he’s short. These pants didn’t need any altering! They fit him perfect and he wasn’t “swimming” in the size! We’re going to buy another color! Thank you…”

    plus I’ll keep my eyes open. Also if anyone else has suggestions – perhaps they will leave in the comments section 🙂

    • Kathy
    • December 14, 2015

    The full-elastic men’s pants on The Senior Shop come in a larger variety of sizes, inseams and colors AND they are made in the USA!
    For ladies, the acrylic knit cardigans are the best. My mom is always wearing one and they hold up very good and have the pockets she wants. They come in several colors.

  10. Awesome to hear, Kathy. Thank you 🙂

    • Tony
    • February 3, 2022

    These elastic pants are looking awesome. I’m going to order for my grandpa.

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