Kaye Swain Roseville real estate agent sharing cool pumpkins squash

Senior Friendly Toilet Talk, Pumpkin Crafts, and Election Smiles

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Pumpkin Smiles with Grandkids


I saw the cutest idea while out delivering a neighborhood newsletter today. A neighborhood mom bought tiny pumpkins and gave them to her son along with some stickers. You could tell they had a great time decorating the pumpkin! Talk about senior friendly AND toddler friendly! I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture so at Safeway I bought my pumpkin pie AND a small pumpkin along with other cute autumnal squash. We had fun decorating it with my rose stickers (I use them for my business) along with some fun smilie stickers from the Dollar Store.

Kaye Swain Roseville real estate agent sharing cool pumpkins squash

One word of warning, though. I looked all over the fruit and vegetable section and settled on this cute pumpkin. I actually prefer little ones usually, although for this project big would have been even nicer AND made a great decoration for the front door. But these were all I saw and I did look around a bit. As I was walking out the door, however, I realized I totally missed a big display of ginormous Halloween pumpkins on sale. I could have bought a big one for $5. I looked at my receipt for my cute little one and realized it had cost me $6. I decided to keep it since it was so cute. But wanted to warn you so that you check better than I did and, perhaps, save some money.

Senior Friendly Toilet Talk

Kaye Swain caring for elderly parents discovered lysol toilet cleaner not senior friendly

Doing a little toilet talking here, again.  I have used Lysol toilet cleaner for years and I love it. It does a great job and I really appreciate it. However, that being said, I will no longer be buying this particular product. They have a lid with a child-proof lock on it, which is good. But they’ve apparently gotten much sturdier locks.

Lysol toilet bowel cleaner cap hard to open

I’m pretty strong but I could not get it open without trying about 10 times, re-reading the small print, and trying again! These are definitely NOT senior-friendly containers. For now, I’m going back to my other favorite.

clorox toilet wands senior friendly easy open easy use

Clorox ToiletWand disposable toilet cleaning system with the soap already permeated into it. They are easy to open, easy to use, and there’s no mess. The only reason I had switched back to Lysol was that the toilets only seem to stay clean for a week or so. While with Lysol, they stay clean much longer. However it certainly won’t kill me to clean my toilets once a week!  Whereas, trying to open those Lysol containers wasn’t going to kill me but sure was going to frustrate me to death! Thank you to Clorox for a definitely senior-friendly product!

Clorox toilet wand refills senior friendly easy to use easy to open

Election Smiles

More good Words to remind us that no matter how you stand on the election this autumn and what the results are, we can keep our eyes fixed on God! 🙂
pumpkin smiles election encouragement toilet cleanser talk via Kaye Swain

senior friendly encouraging coloring page for kids adults

Have a great week full of senior friendly projects, pumpkin smiles, and sweet encouragement!



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