Armor concepts combo kit for the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents who want more security on the doors

Senior Citizen Home Safety Tips For the Sandwich Generation Caring for Aging Parents Near or Far

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Boomers in the Sandwich Generation may find it hard to take a vacation but when we do we definitely want to be sure our homes and those of our aging parents or other elderly people we care for are safely securedAs we all know too well, Crime never takes a vacation. And for those of us in the Sandwich Generation, caring for aging parents still living at their own homes, many a long distance from us, that can be cause for extra concern, can't it? As much as we enjoy the holiday season, crime also seems to like it, as thefts often increase during the weeks before Christmas. Today, I have a timely and interesting article about Alan Young, a home security expert and CEO of Armor Concepts:

Crime Never Takes A Vacation

One Expert Shares Secrets That Intruders Don’t Want You To Know! These Are Also Great Senior Citizen Home Safety Tips For the Elderly Parents and Relatives in Our Families

Our lagging economy has generated a dramatic increase in burglaries and home invasions across the country, with agencies reporting an increase in 2010 after falling for a number of years. What is especially troubling is that these crimes have increased in the suburbs and small towns – places where it rarely happened before.

“The numbers reflect what we have been hearing from listeners all over the country. The bad economy has caused an increase in crime and it is happening everywhere”, says home security expert, Alan Young. Over the past three months, Young has conducted nearly 100 radio interviews, giving listeners tips on how not to become victims of a growing burglary and home invasion epidemic. Young is CEO of Armor Concepts LLC and has been featured on the CBS Early Show, The Today Show, and The Discovery Channel, as well as numerous local news segments. Young’s common sense approach to home security, which focuses on economical ways to keep from becoming a victim, has suddenly made him a very popular guest for radio show hosts. “It was really interesting to hear his common sense approach to security. I know that it made me think, especially the part about alarm systems… “ said Georgianne Kiricoples, host of the “Breaking Through” radio show.

According to Young, there are three keys to making sure that your home is secure:

  • Facebook is fun but simple senior safety tips remind the Sandwich Generation and their aging parents should never post info about vacations and other trips away from homeThe first is simple, “Use some common sense. Don’t post vacation plans on Facebook and don’t post vacation photos while still on vacation. Many burglaries are committed by someone you know or by someone connected to someone you know. Letting the world know that you’re not home is an easy way to become a target.”
  • The second key is to make your home a less attractive target than your neighbor’s home. Sounds crazy, but according to Young, “If you and your neighbor are being chased by a dog, you don’t need to be faster than the dog, just your neighbor. Make your home a less attractive target and thieves will go somewhere else – unless you have something that they really want.” Steps to making your home less attractive to burglars include cutting shrubs and properly lighting the inside and outside of your home.
  • The third key is to secure the exterior of your home. “Most people think about home alarm systems as home security. An alarm simply tells you that someone is inside your house and police response times are often greater than 20 minutes. A home alarm is the equivalent of having OnStar in your car. Would you not buckle your seat belt because OnStar will call the police after you have an accident? Alarms are a good addition to your home’s security but 85% of all break-ins are through a door. Secure your doors and you greatly increase your likelihood of success against a burglar.”

Armor concepts combo kit for the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents who want more security on the doors

For door security, Young recommends EZ Armor, an affordable kit that reinforces the jamb, locks and hinges on an exterior entry door. The kit can be installed in about 30 minutes by a do-it-yourselfer and is guaranteed to help prevent kick-ins. EZ Armor can be purchased at Lowe’s, many ACE Hardware stores and also online at Amazon as well as Armor Concepts' own website.

When caring for aging parents a Schlage Grade 1 deadbolt can be helpful in the home safety for the elderly parents and relatives in your Sandwich Generation family

He also recommends upgrading your deadbolt to an ANSI certified Grade 1 lock. There are several models, including one from Schlage, which can be purchased for under $30.00 at many hardware stores. “Security does not need to cost a lot, it just needs to work. Anyone that tells you otherwise is taking you for a ride. With a little common sense and a little effort you can effectively secure your home,” concluded Young.

Many other home security tips along with recommendations for what to do after a burglary, useful for the whole Sandwich Generation, can be found at his website, Armor Concepts. Young was featured on Nashville news last year when a couple in Murfreesboro, TN were victims of burglary and then avoided a repeat offense by taking Young’s advice. After being robbed, the couple installed EZ Armor as kick-in prevention on their door. When the same burglar came back weeks later and tried to kick in the same door, he made so much noise that the neighbors called the police and he was apprehended.

Now that's the kind of positive news stories all of us in the Sandwich Generation love to hear, isn't it? And you'll be as happy as I was to learn that Armor Concepts is an accredited business with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Hmmm, sounds like this would also make great home safety Christmas gifts for the elderly parents and relatives in our family – maybe even an EARLY Christmas gift. What do you think? 🙂

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