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Got Granddog? Got Two iPhone Pet Apps!

iPhone medical apps aren’t just for people! There are pet ones too! great for the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents, grandkids, and granddogs!

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Compact Reading Glasses are a big help for boomers and seniors in the Sandwich Generation

My Senior Mom Loves Her Compact Reading Glasses!

My senior mom loves her compact reading glasses! Using Amazon Prime Discount Membership we get them shipped free & fast! Perfect for the Sandwich Generation!

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Bees and flowers go together like a horse and carriage and are great for good landscaping designs that intrigue and interest our senior parents s

Sandwich Generation Encouragement From Heavenly Rain Clouds and Uplifting Bible Verses

Find uplifting Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation, caring for elderly parents and helping with the grandchildren, at SandwichINK

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This French Country Rooster Kitchen Decor clock says it is time for the Rooster blog party

The Baby Boomers Generation is Caring for Elderly Parents, Having Fun With Grandkids, and Even Rockin’ With The Roosters!

Welcome to the SandwichINK fun ROOSTER blog party, sure to evoke some of your fun Baby Boomers Generation family memories with delightful Country Rooster decor.

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One of the Jitterbug cell phones for senior citizens could have been used to get an ambulance to my senior friend days earlier

Medical Alert Devices and Cell Phones for Elderly Parents Wise

Caring for elderly parents? Make sure they have a senior medical alert device and/or a simple cell phone for elderly. (They make great gifts)

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Summer fun safety tips and ideas for the Sandwich Generation dealing with the issues of caring for elderly parents and being granny nannies and pappies for the grandkids

The Sandwich Generation Riding Two or Three Wheel Bicycles: 5 Health, Safety, and Fun Tips

An easy to use digital camera is 1 of 5 important ingredients for safety and fun when the Sandwich Generation is walking or riding two or three wheel bicycles.

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Elderly Home Emergency Medical Alert System Well Worth It!

I didn’t sleep much last night. Making sure our elderly parents have an elderly medical alert systems can help you and them sleep better at night!

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A mini exercise bike can be good winter exercise news for the Baby Boomers generation and their beloved seniors

Looking For a Warm Place For Walking Exercises for Seniors?

Caring for elderly parents & finding it too cold to walk outside? Here’s a fun idea, with the help of the Jitterbug cell phones for the elderly and Walmart.

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Back Scratcher to help those caring for elderly parents

Handy Dandy Tools for Elderly Parents

Handy tools for members of the Baby Boomers Generation caring for elderly parents – from back scratchers to one of the best cell phones for senior citizens.

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The Flip Jitterbug cell phones for senior citizens will not accidentally dial out when closed

Now You Can Have a Cell Phone For Your Elderly Parents That They Can Use

The Jitterbug makes great cell phones for senior citizens. These large and simple cell phones for seniors are easy to use, affordable, and great in emergencies.

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