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Grandparents, it’s good to be reminded of the importance of our heritage that we are passing on to our grandchildren!  The Most High God…how mighty His Wonders. His Kingdom is an eternal Kingdom.His dominion endures from generation to generation.

Feel like a nap? Here’s the perfect article for you. A new five-year study has found that more sleep might help reduce calcium deposits in people’s arteries. Thank you to fellow Twitterer @health for that info.

BreakingNewz on Twitter tells us that if today seemed a bit longer than normal, you are right. They have added an extra second to 2008 

Encouragement – Now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.

I heard an interesting news report on the radio station, the FISH. Did you know that homes without children eat healthier? When there are kids around, there are too much junk food snacks, fatty pizza, chicken nuggets, etc. So we should all try to limit the unhealthy, yet easy pizzas. Plan ahead to add healthy salads to the table. We also need to hide the sodas. I have to admit, that’s my real weakness. I guess I’d best start cutting back a bit. How about you? Are you going to make any positive eating changes in the coming weeks?

If you need extra encouragement in that area, Alzheimer’s Reading Room has an informative article on a study showing that high cholesterol in your 50s raises your odds of contracting Alzheimer’s Disease by 50%. Now I’m really going to be eating healthier! 

While we’re still on the subject of eating, Foodimentary passed on an excellent food tip. If you’re avoiding night shades (maybe because of arthritis), eat yams but not sweet potatoes.  

Jesus…is the one whom God exalted to His right hand as a Prince and a Savior, to grant…forgiveness of sins.

4 Red Flags to Look for During Holiday Visits With Parents. Did you find your mom’s home in cluttered and disorganized? Has your dad unexpectedly lost weight. Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you and your elder. 

Jesus – the Proof of God’s Love. (Philip Yancey)

Twitter is especially in vogue these days! If you are using Twitter or interested in giving it a try, I always liked TweetDeck

Well, that’s all for now at SandwichINK. I pray that you all have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve and a blessed year to come! See you next year 🙂

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    • Linda
    • January 4, 2009

    Very interesting way to provide useful tips about life in general and for those in need of health information.

    Linda’s last blog post..Fire leading cause of safety issues for the elderly

    • Kaye
    • January 5, 2009

    Thank you. And thanks for the great link to your article. I hadn’t realized those silicone potholders were safer! I’ll have to add some to our kitchen! 🙂

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