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Here’s a good article defining and explaining Palliative Care. We went through palliative care and Hospice with my dad. I had never heard of Palliative Care before that, but they were such a blessing to us. All of the staff were helpful & encouraging.  It’s definitely harder to do it at home, but well worth it when it’s possible. I know my parents both appreciated the option. 

Great article on Dealing with Aging in our Elderly Parents and vice versa – by God’s design. 

Great holiday safety tips at the CDC.

That’s it for now with my Twitter tips for Sandwich Generation multigenerational caregivers.

Fun & Frugal Tips for Gift Wrap –  Cute, reusable, cheap bags and tissue from dollar stores. @ frugalluxuries added “The 99 cent store has three gift boxes (large, medium & small) for 99cents…they are my frugal luxury during holidays!”

Click here to see  Christmas songs that may be available free online if you have Amazon Prime.

If you’d like a fun holiday smile,  check out this video: Singing Seniors Holiday Music. 🙂 

Sweet Words of Encouragement – Grace be with all who have undying love for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed day and a happy Christmas season.

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