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Thanks again to MoneyMatters for letting us know about the free Christmas song MP3 downloads from Amazon. When I went back to download today’s songs, I discovered I could download all of the first 15, not just today’s. I found 15 songs by different artists, including Mannheim Steamroller, Jars of Clay, Symphony Brass of Chicago, Elliott Yamin, Trio West and more. Each year it is different. For the most recent options, click here. Such a lovely treat!

I listened to an interesting and informative podcast today about Building your Network Using  LinkedIn. Andrea Stenberg, of The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur, interviewed Mickael Nadeau, who has over 500 LinkedIn connections. You can receive this podcast by going to her site and signing up for her free email.  You’ll also receive a free copy of her ebook, The Baby Boomer’s Ultimate Guide To Getting Publicity . For more current info, though, I would also CLICK HERE. LinkedIn is a valuable resource for all of us, whether job hunting, business building, caregiver researching, etc.

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