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Welcome to Monday Micro-Blog at SandwichINK. Here are some interesting and useful links for the Sandwich Generation , courtesy of Twitter.


It’s not just the U.S. Per, Canada will soon face a serious crisis in caring for the elderly unless policy-makers act now to head it off, says a Carleton University researcher.

Becoming the ‘parent of your parent’ is an emotionally wrenching process. Mindy Fetterman of USA TODAY wrote an interesting article about a subject near and dear to the hearts of the Sandwich Generation.

Encouragement – May God be gracious to us and bless us amd make His face shine upon us…May the peoples praise You, O God!

According to La Prensa, Ohio & Michigan’s Oldest and Largest Latino/Hispanic Newspaper Since 1989, “ Triglycerides may be implicated in diabetes nerve loss .” A recent study suggests, Doctors should monitor levels of an easily measured blood fat as closely as they do blood sugar to stall progress of neuropathy.”

Seniors For Living has a great article about Safety Tips for Boomers and Seniors written by Michelle Seitzer. This would definitely be a good one to share with your aging parents.

How Does Partial Knee Replacement Surgery Differ From Total Knee Replacement ? ” per Medical News Today. Good information for anyone from the Baby Boomer Generation and up!

Did you get to see HBO’s, The Alzheimer’s Project ? If not, David Lindberg of the Pittsburgh Elder Care Examiner has a good review of the show.

Encouragement – Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of ALL comfort!


Here’s a hilarious story with a good moral for grandparents . A toddler bought an earthmover online for $12,000.00! Make sure you keep a close eye on those grandkids!!!  🙂

Sandwich Generation:

Find a current list of fun contests, with prizes of interest for the Baby Boomer Generation, including goodies for grandkids, all at Moomette’s Magnificents Reviews

Are you a writer, whether professional or for your own personal diary? How about an aging parent who wants to recount their life story? Habakkuk has wonderful words of wisdom, via the Living Bible, “Write My answer on a billboard, large and clear, so that anyone can read it at a glance and rush to tell the others.”

Perhaps your creativity goes more towards design? Here are 18 Search Engines For Designers .

Thanks for joining SandwichINK for Micro-blog Monday. Have fun checking out the links of interest to you!

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