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I’ve decided to make a slight tweak to my writing schedule. In the past, I normally posted around 10 – 11:55 pm, EST, unless I was on the west coast, in which case I went by PST. Occasionally I would vary that and post earlier if I had a topic I felt was vital to get out. I’ve decided to change that to posting at 12:01 a.m. EST or later so that when I am writing an article about a holiday, the date will match the holiday. It won’t really change anything. It just makes me happier to see it line up. (Yes, I have also been known to alphabetize spice cupboards 🙂 ).

So, I am writing this to explain what’s up and posting it on April 15 before midnight. Then I will post my normal article after midnight. If I have something of importance that is time sensitive, I will continue to vary my schedule for that, as informing and encouraging you is my top priority! 🙂

With that, I’m off to go pick up mail at my post office box and hoping I don’t have any packages to pick up. If I do, I will have to stand in line for what will probably be a reallllllly long time as TODAY is APRIL 15. Would you believe it, I hadn’t realized the importance of today until I was checking the date for this article. I’ve been too busy taking care of a sweet mom, adorable grandkids, and writing. Just in case you’re as busy as me, I thought I’d take this moment to make sure you have your taxes mailed or that you’ve filed an extension.  Don’t forget to get proof of the mailing date. And isn’t it nice to be done with it all – at least until August 15!

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