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Ahhh, the party’s over. The 2009 Blog Party that is. A great time was had by all, many old sites were revisited, many new sites were discovered, and many many prizes are to be awarded over the next few days. As we wait with baited breath to see who won what, I thought I would share with you three of the sites that I enjoyed.

A Frog In My Soup I think one of the reasons I like it is the name is just so great! I love frogs! Mostly I love the stuffed ones. Although we used to live where some cute tiny one inch ones also resided. Those I liked, as long as I didn’t have to touch them. 🙂 This Frog is one I like! It’s about family, friends, fun, and contests. I like contests too, can you tell?  While I was visiting, I discovered a great article on fun and frugal Easter baskets . I loved that, while she did include candy, it wasn’t the primary thing. Our grandkids get so much candy I like looking for alternatives. Some fun ideas for Easter baskets I’ve prepared in the past include playing cards, books about Easter, and the Veggie Tales Easter DVDs. I also love to include Resurrection Easter Eggs as part of our celebration. As you may have noticed in the right column, I wrote an article about them for eHow. I also found a great site with the directions for making your own Resurrection Eggs . Now that’s a great Frugal Tip for Grandparents!

Speaking of frogs, another site I really enjoyed features nature photos, books, and family – all things I enjoy. Of Books and Memes has a great photo of a frog in midjump in the article Critter Pics . There was also a darling shot of a turtle who had poked his head up to say, “Hello.”   Too cute! My grandchildren will enjoy those photos!

Cute – that leads me to the third site for today. The Cutest Blog on the Block .  This site was indeed cute and sweet. There you can read about Joe and Bethany and baby Lincoln as they travel around the country singing and ministering for the Lord. Next time I moan about too little storage space, I’m going to think of them and stop that moaning! From her site, I followed a link to her husband’s site where I discovered his new business of pencil portraits drawn from photos. They were quite intriguing. This young couple is definitely multi-talented.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this briefest of brief tastes of some of the fun I had at the 2009 Blog Party. I am already looking forward to next year! And a BIG THANK YOU once again, to 5 Minutes For Mom for hostessing this great event.

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    • Cynthia
    • April 7, 2009

    HI!! That was a great blog party! Thanks for sharing a few of the fun blogs you found. I was wondering about winning the $25 Shutterfly gift card during the UBP. I saw on the prize list that I won, but I hadn’t been contacted yet by anyone. Were you the sponsor for that prize? Should I be asking you, or 5MinutesforMoms? I’m so excited. This is the first prize that I’ve ever won…in my whole life!! 🙂 Thank you for sponsoring such a great prize. I can’t wait to develop $25 worth of pictures!! 🙂 Please let me know what I should do know that I’ve won. Thanks!!

    • Kaye
    • April 8, 2009

    YAY! YOU DID WIN! 🙂 I’m trying to send you the info but have been having email issues (not to mention blog issues as it was hacked this weekend.) I will try again tonight, otherwise I should be able to send it out tomorrow. 🙂 Are you on twitter? If so, can you leave me your twitter address. I’ve been able to use that when I can’t email. Talk about “Twitter to the Rescue!” 🙂

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