Wii combines with Super Mario Brother 3 Games combine to make great Wii games for kids and seniors

Sweet Sandwich Generation! Wii Mario Brother and His Games Are Following This Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny!

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Sunday can often be busy for those of us in the Sandwich Generation, what with church, babysitting grandchildren, or running errands for elderly parents.  Unusually, though, this Sunday was rather quiet for me. After an interesting church service on Sunday, I headed out to do some shopping.

Oranges are a great way to keep this Sandwich Generation granny nanny healthy for babysitting grandchildren

Oranges at Sam's Club, snacks from Target for an upcoming church project with a grandchild, and Michaels Craft Store where I was thrilled to discover a special 20% off EVERYTHING sale that was only for a few hours. What a gift for God for this granny nanny, I must say. After picking out a few new projects and activities for grandparents and grandchildren, I then headed to Barnes and Noble to browse for a bit. They had all their Christmas books marked down to 50% as well and I think that might still be going on. We granny nannies and pappies really appreciate all these great clearance sales, don't we? It definitely helps with the budget!

By the by, have you ever noticed the way things will pop out at you ONLY when you are all of a sudden doing something new? For example, when a couple is expecting a baby, all of a sudden there are a MILLION other people who are as well. Or when you buy a new black minivan and hit the road, you're shocked that there are so many other black minivans on the road. Well, here I am, all excited about the fun Mario Brother and Wii Sports tennis and bowling games my grandkids and I are enjoying – and now – MARIO is following me! (Hmm, maybe I should see if he is on Twitter and Facebook. 🙂 ).

Wii combines with Super Mario Brother 3 Games combine to make great Wii games for kids and seniors

OK. I could understand it if I took these photos in a toy store – or even Target or Walmart. But a BOOK store! I do believe I have a short, colorful mini-stalker! 🙂 I was almost tempted to get the smaller set for the grandkids,

great wii games for seniors and boomers can include super mario brothers - a blast from the past with the grandkids of the present

but decided this is one time it's more fun to play with the characters using Wii games than on the floor (easier for these boomers seniors knees anyway 🙂 – not to mention it was a bit pricy!). Of course, if I run into him again when he's on sale…

And speaking of creative little ways to save money for all of us in the Sandwich Generation, My3Boybarians is full of free tips and ideas to help us when we're taking a zillion photos of our grandkids at play with our easy to use digital camera!

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  1. Hi Michelle, How CUTE!!! AND how fun for all of them – great family memories. We’re having major snow days and one grandchild is visiting me. I was SO wishing I DID have my very own Wii with some fun games for kids here. Even though I can play it at their house, it would definitely be fun here as well!!! 🙂

  2. Yes, they are definitely creating great family memories. My sister has decided not to purchase a Wii so that it’s a special treat to go to Namma and Ah’s (that’s what they call my parents – they chose the names themselves :)) to play. I only wish I lived closer so I could be part of the tournaments too.

  3. Kaye, my parents LOVE playing Wii Mario with their grandsons – my nephew Ethan calls them “bideo games” (he can’t do the “v” sound quite yet). 🙂

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