Sandwich Generation Takes A Pause In Lent

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My senior mom and I had a delightful Saturday afternoon at Michael's this past week. After writing about Easter, Easter crafts, and Resurrection Easter Eggs, I was really "In the Mood!" (Boy, first a Gershwin tune, now it's Glen Miller on my brain. You can tell I still love the songs I used to enjoy with my grandparents AND my senior parents. :)) I found several fun projects for my grandkids and myself to have fun with, particularly during this season of Lent and Easter.

I started remembering how much we enjoyed doing weekly projects that led to my weekly Advent posts last December, as part of Troc, Broc, and Recup's "A Pause In Advent." "Wouldn't it be nice to do something similar for Lent," thought I.  That led to me popping over to visit Floss and see what she was up to. There I discovered she'd already thought of this idea and started it last week! How grand! Naturally, I signed right up. πŸ™‚

Each Monday between now and Easter, I'll be posting about ways my grandkids and I will be preparing for Easter. As with Advent, my focus will be on Easter arts and crafts with my grandkids, with music and conversation about Easter woven through our time together. You'll also find a link to Floss', Troc, Broc, and Recup, where you will then find links to several other bloggers who are also talking about Lent – from a traditional and somber focus of Lent to my more relaxed, grandkid focus, and plenty more ideas in between. I'm looking forward to reading what others are doing and thinking, all around the world, during this special time.

It will be a wonderful way to keep our eyes, and our grandkids' eyes, fixed on Jesus and on the cross during this Lenten season, and help to teach them more about what Easter means. It's so important for them to know the importance of Jesus Christ and His resurrection and this is a great way to supplement all that they get at home and church.

While at Michaels, my senior mom and I found some cute little wooden cross magnets in different shapes. They were only $1 for a package of three so I bought several of them. I'll be mailing some off to my sweet long distance grandkids and taking the rest over to my local grandkids. Instead of the enclosed markers, they'll have fun coloring them with the Crayola washable markers I am never without! (By the way, you can ) The older grandkids might enjoy these wooden cross magnets on their school lockers and the younger ones will love to see them adorning their refrigerator. Working on them will be a perfect time for my Lent and Easter playlist, so I have to be sure I get that done this week! πŸ™‚

What about you and your grandkids? Do you have any fun Easter month traditions together? We'd love to hear about them. And don't forget to sign up for the FREE SandwichINK email for more fun holiday resources and ideas for Sandwich Generation senior home care givers and grandparents.

A Pause in Lent - Using Christian Easter Crafts and Easter Hymns to Encourage and Teach Our Grandkids

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