Ordering Huggies for grandkids using my Amazon Prime Discount Membership with free shipping is one of my favorite creative and practical ways to save money

Sandwich Generation Savings Tips

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tips caring for elderly parents home or long distance

Long Distance Caregiving

Are you Sandwich Generation senior home care givers and grandparents, involved in long distance grandparenting and/or caring for the elderly parents at home or long distance? I am right there with you on both counts! I spend quite a bit of time, energy and money each year sending boxes to several special people in my life. This includes books to encourage senior parents, diapers for baby grandchildren, clothes marked down to almost nothing that will fit my growing grandkids, vitamins for elderly parents long distance, etc. It definitely keeps me spending plenty of time at the post office!

Amazon Prime Discount Membership

Even with all the items I mail on my own, one of my best tips caring for elderly parents is an Amazon Prime Discount Membership. With that, I get free 2-day shipping anywhere in the U.S. with the shipping box included! If it’s a real rush, all I have to pay is a nominal fee to get next-day mail.

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Stress Relief!

I can’t tell you what a big stress reliever that was when I was dealing with far away elderly parents who got hit with a nasty flu bug. I was able to send some grocery items they needed but were unable to get because of being so sick. The box arrived at their front door, via UPS, the next day. It only cost me the $3.99 shipping and they were so comforted and encouraged by it! What a joy to be able to help them even though we live so far apart!

Diaper Delights!

Vicks digital thermometers are a big help for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny both in caring for elderly parents AND babysitting grandchildrenThen there was the time my long distance grandkids were all sick with an especially bad strep throat going around. If that wasn’t bad enough, they ended up giving it to their mom and dad who were equally miserable but working hard to be up and about taking care of the kids. I was able to send applesauce, a couple of videos to entertain the recouping grandkids, diapers and a book. It all got there in two days and the products didn’t cost any more than if I’d bought them here locally. They helped to make everyone feel a bit better there and I didn’t have to pay anything for shipping. Plus I didn’t have to go out and shop, then come home and pack it all into a box I had to buy, THEN go back to stand in line at the post office AND pay for the shipping! Considering that my local grandkids, senior mom, and I were also battling a bug or two at that time, it was a tremendous help!


Those two examples, alone, would probably keep me using my Amazon Prime Discount membership for decades to come. But I get way more for my money than that! Some of the things I’ve done free this year include:

  • Sent birthday presents to grandkids, nieces, nephews, senior parents, and others
  • Ordered my favorite brand of bran several times this year. I haven’t been able to find it since we moved, but thanks to Amazon and my Prime Discount Membership, I can still have it, right at my front door, for no extra cost!
  • Sent CDs full of encouraging praise and worship songs to cheer someone up
  • Got ink cartridges straight to my door and at a great price – perfect when I was too busy caregiving to make it to the store
  • Ordered Vitamin C for my senior mom and myself – we prefer the smaller tablets and haven’t been able to find them locally. Amazon carries them for a great price and, of course, free shipping!
  • Had fun spreading out a birthday for a special senior – I ordered books from four of her favorite authors. Two were already out, one was due out a month later, and the fourth was due out in March. I spent the time to order them all at once, Amazon sent them out as each book was published and, thanks to the Amazon Prime Membership, there are no shipping charges for any of the three shipments!  AND she gets these sweet treats of love throughout the year.
  • Ordered wedding gifts for friends through Amazon. Because of Sandwich Generation juggling, I had misplaced the invitation and was really late with the gifts. Instead of ordering from the store they had registered at and then having my gift be REALLY late, I found the same item at Amazon, ordered it, and they got it in two days flat! Then I emailed their parents it was on the way so they could take it off their registry. I can’t tell you how many times Amazon has saved me from being late! 🙂
  • Ordered my favorite lipstick when I couldn’t find it at my local store. I’m still looking for it locally but it’s so nice to know I can get it, and get it fast, from Amazon if I don’t find it here.

Amazon Prime Discount Membership ReviewS

Now you see why I titled this Amazon Prime Discount Membership Reviews – not just review! I have put this great resource to the test so many times over the past three or so years I’ve had it and it is well worth the cost. It’s worth it for anyone who uses Amazon and it’s especially worth it for the ultra-busy Sandwich Generation caregiver, taking care elderly parents. I’d much rather use my valuable time to be helping my sweet senior mom or an adorable grandkid, then standing in line at the post office! How about you? Had you ever wondered “What is Amazon Prime Discount Membership” when you saw it listed at their site? Have you ever tried it? We’d love to hear about it. 🙂


PS 2018 update! I STILL use Amazon Prime Membership and I STILL appreciate and value it. Especially since they’ve added even more great things to it like Amazon Prime Pantry

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