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Twelve years after his diagnosis, my dad experienced some new and major Parkinson’s Disease symptoms. One of the more noticeable things he experienced was a dramatic change with his voice, going from a fairly normal volume down to almost a whisper. It turned out that was a fairly common problem for Parkinson’s Disease patients.

Now researchers are working on various ideas to help with that and Jessica Huber has found an interesting technique that is helping many. As Redorbit’s article explains, [Parkinson’s Disease patients] are being retrained to speak louder using an interesting recording called “multitalker babble noise.”  Well worth reading the article! That’s something I would have asked our doctor about immediately.


Uh Oh! I must admit I’m not happy about this story from CNN. “Heart Group Urges Daily Limit on Added Sugar.” Apparently, not carefully limiting our sugar intake not only hurts our weight, which in turn can lead us straight into being diagnosed with Diabetes which then requires a Type 2 Diabetes diet which has even less sugar! Added sugar is also

“’associated with risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure, high levels of triglycerides, and high levels of C-reactive protein, which has been linked to oxidative stress and inflammation,’ says Linda Van Horn, a registered dietitian and chair of the American Heart Association’s Nutrition Committee.”

Of additional importance for those of us in the Sandwich Generation is the example we are setting for our grandkids. I have to confess I am bad about my sodas. I have started using more diet sodas, though there are concerns about those as well. I will have to think about this. How about you? Are you ready to give up on sugar?

Last but definitely not least is the news that the latest Boomers & Seniors: News You Can Use blog carnival is out. With articles on such topics as what the Baby Boomer Generation is doing to accommodate aging parents who want to stay in their own home along with the other side of the coin: info about geriatric care managers as well as non-profit nursing homes vs. for-profit nursing homes, you’ll find plenty of useful news! There’s even an interesting post about AARP members who are upset with AARP’s stance on the health care proposal and have left AARP and turned to a brand new option, meaning we have choices. I’m definitely going to be looking closely at that! And be sure to keep your eyes open for a couple of articles from SandwichINK. 🙂  See you there!

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