Sandwich Generation Issues – News Updates for Eldercaregivers, July 7, 2012

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Love this hot pink travel luggage on wheels - would definitely be easy to spotFour articles regarding the Sandwich Generation issues for those of us caring for our elderly parents:

The "Uns" of Dementia – another "picture" of life in the Sandwich Generation from a fellow caregiver in the trenches with us. 

Exciting news for those dealing with Parkinsons Disease – Researchers Discover Gene That Plays Major Role In Parkinson's Disease

How do we caregivers handle those "NOs"? From Camarillo Acorn.

And here's my latest guest post at EldercareABCblog – Nine Tips To Help You When Traveling With Elderly Parents

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more great resources for the Sandwich Generation.

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Happy Pink Saturday To The Sandwich Generation With Our Pink Butterfly Bush

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