Sandwich Generation Issues Got You Down? These Can Lift Your Spirits!

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The weatherman said snow! I know some areas delivered on that one. I saw several trucks or cars covered with the pretty white stuff. But not in the cities my Sandwich Generation family lived!

Lovely clouds to encourage all of us in the Sandwich Generation dealing with a variety of multigenerational issues

This time, the bowls the grandkids put out stayed empty…

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves to grab photos with my easy to use digital camera - of clouds - granddogs - and of course - grandkids

but the roads I had to drive on in the early A.M as I headed to babysitting said grandchildren were clear and I have to admit, I was glad!

A lovely photo for the Sandwich Generation from my easy to use digital camera in my iPhone - itouch has the camera too

And talk about a glorious sky! It was freezing all day – literally in the morning! But absolutely gorgeous up above! I gotta say, that kind of beauty put a big smile on the face of this Sandwich Generation granny nanny! I just had to whip out my easy to use digital camera and shoot a few photos to share with you!