Honey Bees may have offer clues to help our aging parents with dementia symptoms - good news for the Sandwich Generation

Sandwich Generation Issues – News and Updates for Eldercaregivers, July 8, 2012

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The Sunflower House this year is more of a wall due to weather and health - but the grandkids and senior mom love them allFour articles of interest to the Sandwich Generation taking care of their aging parents: 

Click here to check out how "Discovery That Bees Can Reverse Brain Aging Has Implications For Alzheimer's Disease" The way it works sounds like great news for the Sandwich Generation caring for aging parents while raising kids or babysitting grandchildren! And if this proves out, I would think it would be good for the elderly parents who are helping with those kids and grandkids, as well. What do you think?  

The Caregiver's Voice for Family and Professional Caregivers has an interesting article about the sense of grief and loss many caregivers of dementia patients may experience.  3-A Approach to Dementia Caregivers' Hidden Grief. 

The Sandwich Generation Issues at Twitter.

Caregivers often have a lot of special people in their lives to say thank you to when caring for their elderly parents. Thanks to Pinterest, here are some fun and creative ways to say thank you

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