The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids love to share pink things with EWE for Pink Saturday and beyond

Does Your Sandwich Generation Family Want to Stay Healthy AND Maybe Even Get Pink Fun Things?

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breast cancer awareness month images to remind the Sandwich Generation

Pink Questions for Sandwich Generation

Pink, pink, PINK! We are surrounded by it. It’s on TV. It’s in the stores. It’s everywhere we look! Did we get invaded by pink aliens who are turning everything pink? Much as my grandkids would LOVE that theory, there’s a much healthier answer to what’s up. It’s October which means it’s  BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! The time each year for us all to educate and be educated about breast cancer and make sure we’re up to date on our own check-ups AND check on our elderly parents, not to mention the rest of our Sandwich Generation family.

I had to chuckle the other day while reading Facebook. I spotted this question from Elaine Miller,

Have you been squished or squeezed yet?”

“What in the world was she writing about,” I wondered. Of course, as you’ve probably guessed, she was referring to the regular mammograms we should all partake in. 

breast cancer ribbon clip art to remind you to have your mammogram

Have You Been Checked?

Have you, and the women in your family – young to elderly – been checked? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that my senior mom and I can answer YES to the question on this cute breast cancer ribbon clip art!  We both have had ours done, just in time for this week’s PINK SATURDAY! And guess what! We made a very interesting discovery. She went in last week, the last week of September, and got it done, very successfully, and she’s doing great in that area. YAY.  I went in this week, in October, and I got it done AND I GOT PINK GOODIES in honor of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month ! I’ll definitely have to remember to get checked in OCTOBER from now on! 

Pink Things Are Fun!

Turns out our diagnostic center, and I’m betting many others as well, give out all sorts of fun and cute pink things, from bookmarks to pens to glass cases and more, when you get your mammogram done in October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So, if you’ve been putting off getting your mammogram done, THIS IS THE MONTH TO DO IT. And maybe, just maybe, you might get some fun pink things as well. Even more importantly, you’ll be taking good care of the caregiver AND your senior parents. And that’s always fun for all of us – in AND out of the Sandwich Generation.

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