Red flowers are a sweet delight for the aging parents in our Sandwich Generation family - but my Smilebox eCards Creations are even more great fun

High-Tech Homemade Greetings Cards Can Be Fun For All Ages in Our Sandwich Generation Families – Part 2

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Red flowers are a sweet delight for the aging parents in our Sandwich Generation family - but my Smilebox eCards Creations are even more great funHooray! I'm happy to report great results from my foray into using videos in my Smiilebox eCards Creations. My grandkids' long-distance great-grandma LOVED hers! She did have a bit of a technical difficulty at first. It played one, then froze. But I had her restart her whole computer (a simple solution for so many computer woes!) and then it worked PERFECTLY! What fun! Great with (or without flowers) for any occasion!

And their dad loved his Smilebox Father's Day Card. What fun for them to see his face as he opened it and what fun for them and me as we created it. Especially since it was so easy to do! You just:

  • Make a video (I love the easy to use video camera in my iPhone as much as the digital camera it has!)
  • Save it to your computer
  • Open Smilebox
  • Pick a card design
  • Drag the video right to the Smilebox GET PHOTOS page or click on GET PHOTOS and find the video that way
  • Create your card as normal
  • Pick the video instead of or in addition to the pictures you normally use
  • Proceed exactly as you usually do
  • Don't worry about the music and any talking on the video. As you will see, the music gets turned down when there are words. How cool is that!

When you're done, you'll end up with something like this:

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

I had originally planned on using a video of one of my cute granddogs but it was a bit wobbly, so I went with this fun old video of one of my Pepsi's exploding that I did for a Rednesday and Sweet Shot Tuesday a year or more ago (not to mention this week!). With all that red and blue and sorta-white, it seemed perfect for this fireworks card, don't you think? 

Have you tried a Smilebox with videos before to send to someone in your family? It's quite easy and a sweet treat for anyone. And for those of us in the Sandwich Generation, both of those qualities are wonderful, don't you agree?

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