My Smilebox eCards Creations are a joy to make and a joy to share with all of us dealing with the Sandwich Generation issues

High-Tech Homemade Greetings Cards Can Be Fun For All Ages in Our Sandwich Generation Families

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My Smilebox eCards Creations are a joy to make and a joy to share with all of us dealing with the Sandwich Generation issuesAs you probably know well by now, I LOVE making all my Smilebox ecards creations. They are great for sending to relatives via email, as well as enabling me to share encouraging music with you here.

Guess what! After using Smilebox ecards for several years, I learned something new and exciting about them! Not only can you add your cute photos, you can also add fun videos! And it’s as easy as adding the pictures. Not only that, they play automatically when your loved one opens a card, including “turning down the sound” of the music you add when someone on the video is talking. That’s especially perfect for any of our senior relatives who may not be very tech savvy.

Talk about the “best laid plans” of a grandma failing miserably with GREAT results. I accidentally discovered this when working – or rather, trying to work – on handmade Father’s Day greetings cards with some of my grandkids. One loved the idea of making the greetings cards and did a lovely job. One never had enough time since we had so many other things that had to get done. And  one was just not terribly interested in that particular project on the day he came over. But since I already had one brother’s card finished, I knew they’d be bummed on the big day if they didn’t have something as well!

Then a light bulb went off. I grabbed my easy to use iPhone, that has both digital camera AND video camera, and asked the un-interested grandkid if he’d like to make a HIGH-TECH homemade greetings card. Oh boy! You should have seen the enthusiasm ignite. After three takes, we had a lovely greeting to his father.

Later in the week, I corralled his brothers – the grandtwins – and we got a cute video of the two of them as well. While I was at it, I also got videos of each of them wishing their great-grandma a happy birthday. Then they went on their merry way and I headed for the computer and Smilebox…

I’ll share the specifics and results with you…next Monday. 🙂 But the good news is that it can be a fun way to send extra special greetings to many of the family members in our Sandwich Generation families. Have you have sent a video in one of your Smilebox eCards creations? We’d love to hear.

P.S. Want to test drive Smilebox for your Sandwich Generation family? You can make them for free and we LOVE them. 🙂 Just click here for more information.

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