More Sandwich Generation Ebbs and Flows

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Have you ever noticed how the Sandwich Generation seasons can ebb and flow as time goes by.

The Sandwich Generation issues are tough but love can see us through

The Sandwich Generation Issues Began Early

I first entered the Sandwich Generation when helping with my elderly grandmother while my mom was working full-time. So I spent many days out overseeing grandma with my 1 year – mostly at home, but sometimes in hospital waiting room when grandpa was sick.

Sandwich Generation Issues with Neighbor

Later, I was kinda sorta in the Sandwich Generation for a couple of years while helping an adopted grandma (our next-door neighbor) after her husband died while raising 3 kids under 6. We loved her mightily and enjoyed helping her, bringing her home-made bread and taking her to the grocery store, doctor’s and the occasional bridge game.

Long-Distance Sandwich Generation Caregiving

Next on the list of Sandwich Generation issues? It was my step-mom-in-law in Southern California when we were in Northern California. Distance does add to the challenge. We were able to match her up with another senior relative – and they lived together for a few years, with us just overseeing them. It was a true blessing for both as they literally saved each other’s lives at least once each! (Not quite a Golden Girls scenario, but similar.)

One of the many tools of the Sandwich Generation caregiver along with elastic waist pants canes and more

Sandwich Generation to the Max

My dad and mom and I rejoined the Sandwich Generation when they moved closer to us just as my first grandkid was born. First it was just helping a bit here and there, then walking daily and supervising regularly as my senior dad‘s Parkinson’s Disease progressed. And finally, they moved in with us for the last six months of my dad’s life. Since then, mom and I have made a “good team” as we like to say, helping each other while I helped with many more sweet grandkids. Her health is not as great as before along with other issues, but we’re doing ok.

More Long Distance Sandwich Generation Issues

The latest Sandwich Generation chapter has begun with a sweet elderly relative several states away while I am currently enjoying helping with my newest grandbaby. She has been having major health woes and will most likely be moving into assisted living or a skilled nursing facility. Those will entail new challenges for both of us. And new learning opportunities to share with y’all. I’ll keep you posted. (And YES – any advice and suggestions are welcome as well – either in the comments or at our Facebook page – @SandwichINKforTheSandwichGeneration.)


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