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Where can you go to find out about great education programs, fun games to play with the grandkids, information about Alzheimer’s Disease, fun contests, and so much more – all geared for the Sandwich Generation? Why, to SandwichINK’s Monday Micro-Blog tips and tweets, of course 🙂

But first, I want to begin with a big THANK YOU on this Memorial Day, to all our brave soldiers everywhere, and to all those who have given their life for us and for this nation. THANK YOU for your time, your service, and your protection. We appreciate you more than you will ever know!

Daily Living Made Easier

Resources for Grandkids – for play and for their homeschool program:

  • Gary Olltwit is a former IT teacher, homeschooler and educator who has a wonderful website with over 100 free educational programs . Another great resource for your homeschooling program.
  • A great resource for fun activities for home and for your homeschooling program is the Family Friday post at Homemaker Barbi . There you will find fun ideas from Barbi, along with posts from other writers with plenty more ideas. It makes a great resource for grandparents, especially those who are helping with the homeschooling program
  • Fun Crayola Fireworks show for you and your grandkids to enjoy 🙂
  • Check out this Homeschool Freebie From Legos.
  • I used to love to spend the whole summer running around barefoot. Arthritis won’t let me do that anymore, but I have some grandkids who love to do it too.Nowadays we need to watch them a little closer when they do, as Mommy Babble explains.
  • Encouragement: You, through Your commandments, make me wiser than my enemies, for Your words are ever before me.
  • Finally, here are a couple of cute and educational videos our grandkids might enjoy. Could be a great addition to your family’s homeschooling program!

Here’s the Alphabet ABCs:

And here’s the alphabet by their sounds:


Adaptive Clothing for Seniors, Elderly & Disabled

Sandwich Generation Hints, Helps, and Tips

  • Fall TV Show Updates
  • Did you know that a membership in AARP saves you 10% off most books and and a whopping 35% off selected titles at Borders every day!
  • I’ve found that high quality tennis shoes make for more comfortable feet even when you have arthritis in them. Peanut Butter and Smelly’s Dad is giving away a pair of  New Balance Tennies that look like they will work great. I’ve entered to find out. Care to join me?  🙂
  • Do you have an iPhone and love country clipart? Trinas Country Clipart has really cute Country iPhone wallpaper.
  • Creating a Collage Using Gimp.
  • Seniors Tutor Kids Through the Experience Corps – a simple way to stay and feel young at heart!
  • Remember the fun sayings like “the cat’s meow” and “the bee’s knees” ? How about “bright as a penny” and “Johnny come lately.” Read more fun Old Time Sayings at Franks Senior News.
  • Just a reminder, if you have the grandkids today, Friday’s article was all about Memorial Day Fun With Grandkids

I would like to end this post, on Memorial Day 2009, with another BIG THANK YOU to all our brave service men and women AND their spouses and kids AND their extended family who sacrifice their being close to home in order for them to serve and protect our nation! THANK YOU, too, to those families who have lost a beloved to the sorrows of war for the sake of our nation and its safety!  THANK YOU! GOD BLESS YOU!


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