Cool iPhone apps for kids and grandkids are a big help for the Sandwich Generation juggling multigenerational issues

From Samurai to LEGOs, These Cool iPhone Apps Are Fun For the Grandkids and a Big Help To Their Grandma

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Cool iPhone apps for kids and grandkids are a big help for the Sandwich Generation juggling multigenerational issuesOh my! Our hint of autumn went straight back to summer with record temps, just in time for a fun outdoor art club meeting for some of my grandkids and me. But with the help of baby wipes and water bottles, we survived the heat and enjoyed the class and the fun get-together immensely.  

Now we're back to under-norm summer coolness – hooray! I'm telling you, the weather has definitely been doing pogo stick jumps a LOT this whole year, hasn't it?

But our Sandwich Generation family is hanging in there in spite of all the wacky weather. Thanks to the new treadmill, my senior mom is able to walk again which is great, in spite of the weather and air quality. And when the heat gets too much for the grandkids, those fun iPhone apps for kids definitely keep coming in handy.

The grandkids in my Sandwich Generation family all love LEGOs along with these fun kids iPhone appsToday, I had another grandchild and one of his friends over for a couple of hours. We enjoyed a few minutes of HOT dodgeball outside, then headed inside for some cooler fun with the big boxes along with scooters in the garage. Then it was time to head home so we decided it was definitely time for some very cool iPhone apps from Grandma's cell phones. Their faves today? The exciting Power Rangers Samurai Steel for my grandson while his bud enjoyed checking out the building games, Tiny Tower and TowerBloxx. I keep those in my LEGO apps file as they reminded me somewhat like LEGO building.

The kids were thrilled and enjoyed the day thoroughly, making plans to get together again soon. My senior mom enjoyed watching them for a bit before resting. It was definitely a fun time, in spite of the wacky hot weather. 

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    • Daniel
    • August 30, 2012

    These lego apps look like quite a bit of fun! I’m gonna try them out myself. Also the link in your blog to the scribblenauts app was awesome! I never knew they made a mobile version!

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