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Revelation is Fascinating

Gods steadfast love is proclaimed throughout the Book of Revelation study guide videos and the book itself

Revelation is a fascinating book in the Bible. Full of intrigue, encouragement, beauty, terror, promises, beatitudes and more. Wait! Did I say beatitudes? Yup, There are at least seven beatitudes in Revelation! And those are just one of the MANY examples of SEVEN in the book as well! And yes, I learned this from more than one book of Revelation study guide! 🙂 In fact, all through the book of Revelation you will read of God’s steadfast love! Awesome!

Encouragement for the Sandwich Generation

As you may guess, I’m enjoying digging deeper into the book of Revelation. It’s one of the many encouragements for me as I continue this life journey in the midst of the Sandwich Generation issues. And very encouraging, it is!

Encouragement for Grandkids

And it’s not just great for Sandwich Generation caregivers. It’s a blessing to many of our elderly parents. It’s fun to share with many of our grandkids, as well. You might think – oh no! It’s much too scary! But there are plenty of verses that would be a blessing to any age. And for my junior high and senior high grandkids – it’s a lot less scary than some of the other adventures they enjoy reading or watching. And yes, I highly recommend all of Kay Arthur’s Bible study guides including her two book series on the Book of Revelation study guide for kids!

Book of Revelation Study Guide

I’ve done a few Book of Revelation study guide plans – using books.  This time, I am slowly wending my way through the Book of Revelation study guide x 2 videos, thanks to YouTube!

412 Book of Revelation Study Guide Videos

Thomas Hughes, pastor of 412 Church in Southern California, does fun and fascinating verse by verse Bible studies. One of his series was the Book of Revelation, (which I have mentioned in the past) and I’m about 1/4 of the way through his series. It’s great. It’s interesting, fun, often funny, and down to earth. Very enjoyable and easy to listen to.

Chuck Missler Book of Revelation study guide

Chuck Missler is in heaven now, but I was blessed to hear him speak in public on a few occasions at Calvary Chapel churches in California. Now I get to listen to his deep, in-depth, and fascinating teaching via video – sometimes on YouTube (here’s the first in the Revelation series:

– and here’s a link to a playlist with all of them. I also enjoy listening to his books on Audible or CDs/DVDs and maybe eventually through his KHouse classes. He really digs deep. And he throws in so many intriguing pieces of technical and scientific info derived from his work background.

Book of Revelation Promises!

The book of Revelation study guides taught me there were beatitudes in Revelation

I love reading AND listening to the Book of Revelation as well as studying it. I really appreciate that it is the only book of the Bible that I know of that has a promise of blessing for those who listen to it! Wow!  I highly encourage all, including all of us in the Sandwich Generation, to study this wonderful prophecy book from God and learn so much – including the most important facts that GOD LOVES US and in the end GOD TRIUMPHS over sin and death. Doubly encouraging for all of us who may be dealing with imminent death and dying issues regularly!




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