Reclining Rocker Issues for Senior Parents?

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It's a week for all of us, in and out of the Sandwich Generation, to focus extra on thankfulness. My senior mom and I are thankful for her old chair that has been so comfy and faithful for her the past several years. Sadly, though, her strength is not what it was, and the handle is too hard for her to make adjustments any more. And, in spite of how the picture came out, it is as gorgeous green as when she first got it! 

My senior moms beloved reclining rocker - but now she is a bit too weak to handle the lever

My grandson is quite thankful she has decided to upgrade, but put her old chair in the living room. He sat in it, adjusted it the way he wanted, and commented, "Ahhhh, this is the life!"  And here, you can see its truer color. 🙂 

My grandchildren will love taking turns sitting in their great-grandma old chair as she enjoys her snazzy new chair

I'm thankful for the replacement, though it's not been without it's own issues. More on that to come…   🙂  

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