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I love iTunes. I have made a playlist I call Happy Praise and Worship. When I am really tired, stressed, or frustrated, I start listening to that and it is like a shot of extra energy! I have a wide variety of songs on this list, including Lincoln Brewster’s rendition of “Everlasting God.”


Another great thing about iTunes is that you can send gifts of just one song to others. For 99 cents I can send the blessing of encouragement to anyone in the world. I have sent many songs out to different friends over the last couple of years when they were ill, or going through tough times.


Of course, the recipient has to have a computer, email, and iTunes so it’s not always a good option for older adults unless they are computer savvy or have someone near who can help them. But for those who can handle it, or perhaps for grandchildren living far away, this can be a great way to reach out and give a big hug of love from you and God.


































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