This Medline elevated toilet seat with handles looks great - but warn your aging parents to push up with both handles when they stand

Raised Toilet Seats Elderly Parents Appreciate!

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Fun Bathroom Decor

Toilets and toilet seats are rarely discussed in our home, unless they break. We tend to leave ours alone and be somewhat boring. Although if I wasn’t renting, I think I’d be inclined to get this pretty red toilet seat for the country style bathroom decor I like.

Or how about gorgeous pink rose toilet seat accessories – called tattoos! Isn’t this one lovely? And I could tease my grandkids that their Sandwich Generation grandma got a tattoo! Wouldn’t that be a hoot. 🙂

Caring for Elderly Parents at Home

One of the things you learn pretty fast when dealing with surgeries and the recovery process, whether your own or a beloved senior citizens, is that often the cute and colorful gets packed away and the utilitarian takes over.

Raised Toilet Seats for Elderly Parents

When my senior dad reached the end stage of his parkinsons disease, that wasn’t necessary because of how we had preplanned. He actually never needed any adjustment to his toilet. We had ordered a fairly tall toilet with grab bars for each bathroom. That gave him a raised toilet seat at a comfortable height for an elderly parent – just what he needed! And he went from those straight to a bedside commode chair, which hospice provided.

raised toilet seats elderly parents appreciate

Raised toilet seats are not just for the elderly! They were just as great for me when I broke my ankle. And let me tell you, those toilet grab bars were definitely worthy their weight in gold for our Sandwich Generation multigenerational family. Even my grandkids have appreciated them.

For the recent total hip replacement surgery and recovery my aging relative had to deal with, it was a little more difficult. She does not have toilet grab bars nor does she have room for them in her bathroom. But she definitely needed something, even before the surgery. Getting up and down on the toilet got progressively harder, due to arthritis hip pain. After much research, I learned some important facts like:

They make great looking raised toilet seats with high handles – but you have to be very careful to push up on BOTH handles – otherwise you can tip it over.

If you have men or boys who live in the household – or visit – you might want to consider raised toilet seats elderly parents can more easily use that attaches and can be lifted up and down. Some have handles – others don’t.

There is also the option of a very simple toilet seat riserbare bones basic, so to speak, and less expensive as a result.

If you need handles but don’t want them attached to the elevated toilet seat, you can buy a toilet safety frame with rails that stands independently.

I noticed the hospital used an independent elevated toilet seat on a stand that was placed over their toilet. It does cost a bit more but it is rated for up to 600 pounds – double most of the other raised toilet seats!

Our favorite

Our favorite? We discovered Moen Locking raised toilet seats elderly appreciate due to the support handles attached down low.

They attach to the toilet quickly – even when it was this not-so-mechanically-abled Sandwich Generation grandmother installing it. The lid can be lifted off easily when I am over with my grandboys. It fit well into her small space, has nice cutouts in the seat, and she can use the handles to push up – making sure she pushes on both handles evenly, the same as with the bigger raised toilet seat with safety rails. It pops off to let her clean it simply and pops back on nicely. Best of all, she feels comfortable and secure in it – making her a very happy recuperating senior. 

Utilitarian Raised Toilet Seats Win

They may not be as pretty as the red or pink toilet seats at the top, but these raised toilet seats and safety rails are great resources for the Sandwich Generation, dealing with the multigenerational issues of caring for the elderly parents in our families, along with raising kids, or babysitting grandchildren. What’s your favorite choice? Or do you have another to recommend? We’d love to hear.


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    • Donnie
    • September 3, 2011

    we never know at what age we might need one of these. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I still like the impractical Tattoo though…lol…

  1. Isn’t that true, Donnie. I was in my 40s when I broke my ankle. Didn’t “need” it because I had the higher toilets, but it probably would have been nice. 🙂

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