Kaye Swain Roseville Sacramento real estate agent blogger shares Bible verses to encourage prayer for our beloved

Rainy Day Fun

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Sandwich Generation Rainy Day Smiles

Another busy and rainy day in our neck of the woods of Northern California – Sacramento.

Kaye Swain Roseville sacramento real estate agent blogger creek

And yes, we are so grateful for all the rain AND for the breaks in between the rain storms which gives the water time to soak in. I had to chuckle yesterday when I was headed to church. There was a HUGE pond of water in the natural preserve beside the road I was on and there were kids splashing away in it! We never see that because there usually isn’t enough water there. Truly a sweet gift from God.

Valentine's Day fun for grandparents and grandkids via Kaye Swain Roseville Sacramento REALTOR blogger

Grandparent and Grandchildren Valentine Joys

My senior mom and our granddog had fun watching football together, even if her fave team didn’t win! Now she is happily at work on organizing her greeting cards, and focusing on Valentines Day. She isn’t doing as much with them as she used to for a few reasons including health. But she still loves to work with them and think about them. And between us, we do get some out to her great-grandkids. 🙂 Teamwork, as we like to say.

Grand for Kids and Grandkids via Kaye Swain Roseville CA real estate agent blogger

Speaking of kids, I’ve been stocking up on ideas at my Pinterest Board for Kids and Grandkids. One person has collected 80 different crafts you can make out of paper plates. Another came up with a fun math subtraction game for little ones using play-doh and smashing play-doh balls. I’m thinking one of my younger grandsons and I will have fun with that game.

And for those of us with long distance grandkids, I found some fun brainteasers I’m going to be sharing with my phone buddies this week. You can too. They’re at my Pinterest board as well.

Encouragement for Boomers and Seniors

We have had a fascinating sermon series this month – Found. Each week we studied one of the parables Jesus told about lost items that were found. The lost sheep, the lost coin, the lost (prodigal) son. They were all interesting with new food for thought each week and all were good reminders to keep praying for our loved ones who aren’t yet walking with the Lord. He cares so much for each of us AND for each of them! You can see the impact it had on me with this week’s Scripture verse and song. 🙂

Kaye Swain Roseville Sacramento Real estate agent blogger shares Christian encouragement found


Verse by Verse Bible Study by David Guzik – John 18 -John 7:14-36 Opposed at the Temple

Seasonally Speaking

Have a blessed week. Enjoy the weather, even if it includes a rainy day or 3. For those of you who are spring and autumn fans also, know that it’s only 63 days away – which means only NINE WEEKS. Hooray!  🙂



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  1. I love the idea of Valentine crafts for the kids alongside grandma! We make cards for the parents and they are always treasured. I love the corny sayings too! Your “paws” one is a cutie that I’ve never heard!

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