The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids love the Magic School Bus

QUBO Is A Hit With The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids love the Magic School BusQUBO! What in the world is that? A fun game? A room decoration? An alien life form? Actually, it's a cable TV channel for kids (and grandkids 🙂 ) with loads of educational tv shows for kids. Apparently we just started getting it in our area and I LOVE it. You know why? It has a bunch of the educational kids shows we've loved the past few years. This week, their schedule includes some of our very favorites over the years:

They also include these intriguing-sounding shows I'm not that familiar with:

  • Adventures From The Book Of Virtues
  • Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller
  • Pearlie
  • Shelldon
  • The Mysteries Of Alfred Hedgehog
  • The Zula Patrol
  • Turbo Dogs
  • Willa's Wild Life
  • Dragon
  • Jacob Two-Two
  • Jane & The Dragon

Babar is a TV show much loved by the long distance grandkids of the Sandwich Generation granny nannyKUBO's focus is on safe and educational shows that back up "the values we are teaching" our grandkids and kids. TERRIFIC!  On their website you can also find fun, educational, and downright challenging activities for our grandkids. I did TERRIBLE at their Babar game. I'll have to get my geeky grandkids and see if THEY can do better than me. (Probably can 🙂 ). 

Sadly, my grandkids have pretty much outgrown most of the shows – tho they still love Magic School Bus (even though they've seen them all) and, sometimes, 3-2-1 Penguin, a Christian show that's so cute. (We've enjoyed their fun videos for kids for years. )

But I wanted to spotlight this channel for those of you grandparents whose grandchildren are still at the right age for these fun shows. It's a great resource for all of us in the Sandwich Generation with younger kids and grandkids. How about you? What educational resources do you and your grandkids enjoy? 🙂

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