1000 piece puzzles are fun activities for grandparents and their older grandchildren

Puzzles For New Year’s Eve Activities for Your Sandwich Generation Family

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Are you puzzling over what to do for New Year’s Eve while babysitting grandkids or staying home and caring for your elderly parents…or both. I was thinking about just that today. In past years, we’ve

Puzzles for New Years Eve activities for grandparents grandchildren

This year, we’ve been having a lot of fun with something and I think we’ll be continuing it through the New Year. Puzzled? That’s it. It’s interesting and challenging jigsaw puzzles for New Years – for kids or adults or both

Love cool jigsaw puzzles like this 2000 piece puzzle - perfect for my granddaughters youth group after we have put it together

I went out and bought several fun puzzles for New Years from Walmart for various ages. We moved a folding table downstairs into the living room and set out all the jigsaw puzzles in boxes. One of my guests set up the most challenging one we had – 750 pieces. Between her and my grandkids, they worked on various jigsaw puzzles every night for several days. I helped a little but mostly she worked on it while I worked on my computer, we chatted, and also had fun with it while we watched some favorite TV shows. Would you believe it, there was even enough room on my table for her big and fairly difficult jigsaw puzzle and his easy jigsaw puzzles for kids. It was so cute to see them working across the table from each other, chatting away, and having a good time.

I even found some cute White Mountain bird jigsaw puzzles that I think my senior mom might try out. Some are only 550 pieces so hopefully not too hard. If we get it put together, I could get some jigsaw puzzle glue I’ve heard about that I can paint on the puzzles to save it for her wall if she’d like. Talk about easy crafts for seniors, that’s definitely a fun one. And it makes for healthy mental activities for grandparents and grandchildren. There are so many interesting choices for these intriguing puzzles for New Years. They’re a great idea for all ages.

Here are a few more cool ideas for puzzles for New Year’s Eve: 

After a while, when you’re no longer using these puzzles, you can donate them to an assisted living facility or church kid’s program.

Happy New Years Eve clipart

If you’re caring for your elderly parents or grandkids this New Year’s Eve and in the midst of planning a fun evening, full of family memories, why not “join us” with your own intriguing jigsaw puzzles for New Years along with some pizza, and maybe even a party hat or two. Even if it’s just you, it can still be quite a lot of fun.  🙂



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