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Leaving the house too early yesterday, I wound up listening to a sermon on my iPod instead. I really enjoyed it. There was one point, in particular, that really caught my attention. The pastor talked about preparing to worship before you ever get to church.

He suggested that we would be wise to purposely choose to drive to church in an attitude of “let’s get ready to worship.” Listening to praise and worship music on the way there, whether old hymns, contemporary praise, or whatever your taste, can help set the right atmosphere.

I have done this many times without thinking it through. In looking back I can, indeed, see a more positive attitude towards worship as a definite result. I am setting a new goal to make this a chosen habit each week as I head to church. I would add to this idea that we should also be praying as we drive there. One thing I often do is pray that God would use me to encourage someone else at church, and that I would also be encouraged there. God has always blessed that prayer wonderfully.

It can often be hard for caregivers to be in a positive mood when going to church. We may have been rushing to help others before we could get ourselves ready. We may be worried over the health of one of our loved ones. We may have been dealing with those who are in bad moods due to chronic pain. Or we may just have gotten a poor night’s sleep. Whatever the reason, starting your morning in the car with music that glorifies God, praying for Him to be honored in all that we say and do, and asking Him to give us the right attitude and thoughts for worshiping Him when we get to church will help. I encourage you to join me in choosing to start worship in the car instead of in the pew.

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