Praise and Worship Music and Words to Encourage the Sandwich Generation: Jesus, You Are My All In All

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Nichole Nordeman shares Christian encouragement through lovely praise and worship music via Kaye SwainHow has your week been going? Are you full of energy or have the Sandwich Generation issues of caring for elderly parents and grandkids worn you out a bit? That’s me. As always, it’s a happy worn-out. I’m surrounded by a bevy of adorables as we prepare for a new little one and it’s a lot of fun. But, as is the case with many large families, we are also currently passing a bug or two around. Definitely keeps one sleeping well each night! 🙂

Today I thought I’d share one of many wonderful and encouraging praise and worship songs to lift our spirits and encourage us in the Lord. This is Nichole Nordeman singing You Are My All In All with delightful photos as backgrounds for the lyrics. (You’ll see her name as Nicole Nordeman on the video, but in checking her website, the correct spelling is Nichole Nordeman. 🙂 )

I hope and pray this lovely music puts a smile on your face, words of encouragement in your heart, and a new lightness to your footsteps as you head back to the Sandwich Generation chores. I’m right there with you! 🙂