Praise and Worship Music and Devotions for Lent to bless the Sandwich Generation Family

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny is encouraged by the reminder from this cross for Lent clip art of Jesus love for us.jpg

We learned a new song in church recently – new to me anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought it would be perfect for those of us in the Sandwich Generation this week in Lent to go with the personalized cross clipart for kids and grandkids that I shared on Word-Filled Wednesday. What do you think?

So, here is a Smilebox eCard, just for you, with The Power of the Cross by Keith and Kristyn Getty from their album In Christ Alone.

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Isn't that lovely praise and worship music? I thought it would be a joy-filled encouragement for us, as well as our whole family, from the senior parents on down to the youngest of grandkids, on this Spiritual Sunday for a Pause in Lent, 2011. I'm praying you are blessed. 

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