Practically Free Craft Projects for Kids and Grandkids!

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My granddaughter and I enjoyed a very nutritious lunch at Target after church today (hot dogs and pretzels! πŸ™‚  ). Then we headed down the aisle to pick up a a couple of grocery items. Walking down one aisle, we came upon the Valentine clearance section. She spotted a box of Valentines she really liked and asked if she could get it for next Valentine's Day. At 90% off, how could I say no.

My granddaughters will love these magnet and flower Valentines

Taking a closer look I discovered Target had some very cute Valentine options including boxes with stickers, paper airplanes for kids, cute magnets, face making stickers, and even Lego Stickers to put together as puzzles! Talk about fun and portable activities for grandparents and their grandchildren!  At 90% off, these boxes were each 23 cents! Wow – Granny Nanny heaven! My granddaughter and I went back to get a shopping card and we filled it up with a couple of dozen Valentine boxes. 

My grandsons will love these lego stickers and cool paper airplanes

I'll be dividing these boxes with my local grandkids and my long distance grandkids. They'll make fun and easy little projects – perfect for the local grandchildren for days when I'm not feeling good or they need a special perk up! And great for things to do for grandchildren who live far away!

Grandkids will love these cute sticker and tattos valentines

It's so much fun to "think outside the box" when we find these terrific clearance sales. At these prices, they make practically free craft projects for kids of all ages. Hmmm, Easter is right around the corner! I'll definitely have to keep my eyes open the week after! What are some of your favorite ways to save money and stock up on free and cheap craft projects for your grandkids? We'd love to hear. 

These discounted Valentines make almost free craft projects for kids

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