Pretty in pink toilet seats have covers to make it warmer for our elderly parents at night in Placer County California and beyond

Potty Talk For Multigenerational Caregivers

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I¬†promise you, this will be 100% G-rated. ūüôā ¬†As a mom, grandmother, and caregiver of elderly senior parents, toilets have been a big part of my life all my life – and I bet they have been for you too. I remember sitting by the toilet all night when my grandchild got the tummy bug and threw up over and over, while all I could really do was cuddle her, whisper in her ear that it was ok, and pray lots. She got better, and is much older now, but we both still vividly remember that night. It’s one of those sweet twists of life that it¬†was an awful night that left sweet cuddling memories in both our hearts.

This week, some of my long distance grandkids have experienced the tummy bug and I’m too far away to cuddle, but I can still pray lots, and occasionally get to talk to one on the phone to share loving encouragement as well.

It¬†doesn’t end with the grandkids, does it? Sometimes it’s our elderly¬†parents who need our comforting words, our gentle pats, and our prayers. No,¬†we’re not dealing with the tummy bug – at least not this week. But we have been back on the UTI issue again. And I do want to remind all of you of how much of a negative impact this can have on our elderly parents! And I STILL always have my senior mom tested for a UTI if she isn’t feeling well – and request a culture as well as a stick. And YES, I always recommend asking your own doctor about doing the same. Better safe than sorry!¬† You can read all the details at:

Resource-Full News and Information for The Sandwich Generation Issues: UTIs In Our Elderly Parents

Also, we are again using a raised toilet seat which is such a big help for our elderly parents as their range of motion and mobility decreases.

Pretty in pink toilet seats have covers to make it warmer for our elderly parents at night in Placer County California and beyondOf course, toilet talk doesn’t have to be all boring. We could also add in some fun things, like the gorgeous owl toilet cover¬†tattoo, the pink rose toilet cover¬†tattoo I shared a while back, and¬†this cool pink toilet seat cover to make things a bit warmer and softer – great for those chilly middle of the night trips, and a lovely way to put a smile on our elderly parents’ faces. And all of these tools are great aging in place helps! ¬†ūüôā

Multigenerational caregiving for kids and grandkids along with elderly senior parents isn’t always easy. But I really appreciate all the great tips and tools available to help make it at least a little bit easier – for both caree and caregiver. Don’t you? ¬†Do you have any senior citizen or grandkid toilet tips or other aging in place ideas to share with us – here or at my Facebook page? We’d love to hear them.




Daily Living Made Easier

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  1. I can certainly identify with praying through problems! I have had two daughters stricken with the flu in the past two weeks and have done all I can to help with babysitting and meal prep. I keep encouraging them to pray for one another – and I do the same thing myself.
    No real other toilet tips to share, although I really love that bright pink seat cover! That might be a fun incentive when toddlers (girls) are learning to use the bathroom!
    Happy New Year, Kaye!

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