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I love potpourri, don’t you? It smells lovely and looks pretty – and it’s just a mish-mash of miscellaneous spices and incenses. Seems perfect for today as I have a mish-mash of miscellaneous information for you.

Senior citizen, elderly, geezer, baby boomer flirting with senior citizen status (my fave 🙂 ), elder. Which of these, if any, is your favorite term for those 55 and above (that’s me – how about you? 🙂 ). That was the topic of conversation at last week’s #ElderCareChat. As I commented during the chat, I once read that “old age is always 15 years ahead of you.” Since my senior mom would be 96 for that, I’ve decided to claim that as well. So that makes all of us spring chickens! 🙂

Grand apps for boomers and seniors – Whether you’re using the apps on an iPhone or an iPad, I have some more great apps to share with you:

  • Turboscan – when I want to copy a document, I usually just take a photo of it and email it off. But if you need something with a bit higher quality, Turboscan does an excellent job. You take three photos of the same document (my hands shake a tiny bit and that doesn’t seem to hurt anything). Then it combines them and provides you with an excellent copy that can be emailed, messaged, etc. Great for documents for doctors, lawyers, etc.
  • OverDrive – A free app that goes hand in hand with a participating library card. You log on with your library card number and passcode. Then you can search for ebooks or audio books and download them – even when you’re not at home. I will warn you, it’s definitely NOT the easiest app to work with. They really need to make it a bit more user friendly, I think! But I was able to find several Boxcar Children audio books we have not yet listened to. I had to put requests in as all were “checked out.” But within a couple of days I had more books than we could use. So now I am just requesting one book at a time. I downloaded them for the grandkids  and playing them was quite easy and excellent quality. A real moneysaver for all ages. Now I’m off to see what they might have for my senior mom.
  • Netflix and/or Amazon Instant Video – Since I have a membership for Netflix as well as Amazon Prime, I can watch free videos anywhere there is video. Which means, if I am babysitting late or sitting in the emergency room waiting area, I can watch a fun rerun of Numb3rs right from my iPhone (or my senior mom’s iPad). I really appreciate that flexibility on late nights to help me stay awake.
  • Fast Camera – An awesome app for grandparents with shaky hands, fast moving grandkids, and/or speedily adorable granddogs. You turn it on and it just start clicking away FAST! You can wind up with 100 + photos in a matter of seconds. Then go through, find the ones you like and click them. Delete the rest with one click. It’s WONDERFUL for getting those perfect smiles on moving targets!
  • Simplenote and Chess continue to be my top choices for apps, as well. They’re in a special folder in my bottom tray so I can access them quickly and easily! The first is a HUGE help for organizing all my caregiving and babysitting projects, not to mention writing projects. And chess is a delight to play with grandkids as well as a terrific way to keep my brain engaged to stave off Alzheimer’s.

Well, that’s it for now. How about you? What’s your latest fave app? We’d love to hear!

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