Easy clothes seniors love include beary warm hugs

Ponchos Make Comfort Clothes Seniors Can Stay Comfy and Warm In

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Comfort Clothes Seniors Can Enjoy When Cold

Living in sunny Roseville California, there’s a rumor going around that we don’t get any cold weather. Don’t believe it! I woke up to 29 degrees and a winter wonderland of frost everywhere this morning. In fact, it’s been chilly all week long. Granted, we were in the 70s the two weeks before. Still, we get plenty of winter weather temps that require gloves, hats and scarves. Even in the warm weather, though, my elderly mom can be chilly off and on all day long – due to her body thermometer not working as well as it used to. Her current favorite for dealing with our cool temps is a very comfy and cozy poncho – complete with pockets. Talk about comfort clothes seniors appreciate!

BEARy Comfy Poncho

Comfort clothes seniors love include beary warm hugs

Her poncho is so soft, comfy and fuzzy. When she wears it, she feels like she is being hugged by the softest of teddy bears. And she LOVES that it has two pockets. It’s like keeping one of those soft velvety blankets around her only it’s easier to maneuver in. It’s made of 100% polyester and is 55×70 inches. So a nice size to give her good coverage but leave her free to walk about in as well.

Blankets Help Too

It’s hard to find warm and easy comfort clothes seniors can handle as they get older, isn’t it? We have a zillion lap blankets and she loves them. In fact, she often has 2-3 on along with this cozy poncho. But when she has to go to the bathroom or heads for the kitchen to get something, the poncho can go with her, keeping her a bit warmer along the way.

Body Thermostat Woes

I remember when my mom was caring for her dad decades ago. Their house was always at 80 and I couldn’t understand it. Now I’m getting it, as I see her body thermostat be hot, cold and in-between on various days. The house temp may stay the same but her poor body doesn’t cooperate well. We do keep our thermostat warmer than I would normally, but this poncho, jackets, and blankets definitely help keep her more comfortable as well.

More Poncho Options?

I went looking for more ponchos to give her some variety and was somewhat frustrated with the online options for these easy clothes seniors appreciate. Sadly, I cannot remember where we got the one she has. It only has one label with the size and care instructions. No hint of what store or brand it is. After much searching, I did come up with some keywords that gave me a few good options and examples for you to see more of what I’m talking about. Words like poncho, cape, shawl, and angel wrap. I even got a few more when I used cheetah poncho (because of a photo that gave me the idea). And wait til you see what I got when I typed in leopard poncho – below. 🙂  In the meantime, though, here are some examples and thoughts on these easy and warm comfort clothes for seniors.

Now check out the three ponchos/capes below. Aren’t they lovely options? But be cautious. The first three are about 50×60 so very similar size to my mom’s. But at 1.9 pounds each, they might be too heavy for some of our aging parents. As a comparison, the light purple poncho in the first photo above is only 7.2 ounces and the dark purple right below it is 12.8 ounces. I’ve learned from cell phones and laptops – even a few ounces can make a huge difference to me when carrying them. And for my elderly parents – a few ounces could turn a comfortable poncho into something heavy and uncomfy. One other thought – they look an awful lot alike. So it could also be a tip to check directly with the seller to ensure they have the right weight. 😉

Next, notice the last one right below. I’d guess it is probably too long for most elderly parents. I included it on purpose to point that out. It reminds me of a blanket robe I used to have and LOVED. But my elderly mom is too wobbly to be able to use something like that nowadays. Definitely could cause accidental tripping for them.



This third group of ponchos and other comfort clothes seniors love below are not as long – which I included to give you some different options and ideas. The middle white one is 58 x 20 and has a shipping weight of WOW – 5.45 pounds (but that includes box and shipping materials – hopefully lots of materials. I would ask them how much it actually weighs before ordering that one.) The middle black one is 78 x 28 and only .32 ounces. The left grey poncho offers INSIDE pockets – very cool. Perfect for an elderly parent who primarily just sits still and doesn’t move much, like my friend’s sweet mom.  It’s only 13.8 ounces but didn’t list the size. The one on the right has no pockets.

Another favorite store we like for lovely comfort clothes seniors appreciate is Blair. I didn’t see any open ponchos like these at their site today but, of course, options come and go. If you’d like to check them out as well, just click here.  OR if you’d like to take advantage of special savings – click —->>>> 20% Off $60 with Code: BHQC Valid 2/15-3/15  🙂


My favorite Ponchos

My favorites of all of these comfort clothes seniors can use easily lean towards the two pictured below. Both seem to be easy wash and wear – always a top priority for me!

Granny Jo’s has excellent reviews and looks so soft and comfy, just like my sweet mom appreciates.


The Wish Wrap also looks cozy and comfy. Very lovely!

A couple of other things about my mom’s favorite poncho. It doesn’t have a neck. It just wraps around her rather than having to be pulled over her head. Much easier for most elderly parents to deal with. Definitely easy comfort clothes seniors can appreciate!

It does have buttons but she never uses them. It’s gotten much harder for her to do buttons which is why I started buying her blouses with velcro buttons. I did try searching for velcro button poncho but that turned up kids clothes, raincoats and a couple of adorable dog covers.

Easy clothes seniors appreciate may have optional buttons tho velcro buttons would be easier

When I tried typing in velcro button capes, that turned up super hero costumes for boys and fairy capes for girls. Tho THAT did lead me to fun color your own super hero capes that could easily double as big bibs for my grandkids. Hmmmm…. I’m seeing fun activities grandkids and grandparents could enjoy!   🙂

Leopard Poncho

Wondering what I got when I punched in Leopard poncho? I did get some ponchos, though most were too lightweight. And some odd options. But I have to admit, I loved this! It’s a very lovely FurCaper Fur-Lined Rain Cape that also comes in Arctic Fur, Black Fur, and Coco Plaid. 🙂 Shipping weight is only 9 ounces though, so not sure how warm it would be. But definitely pretty and practical for a rainy day. 🙂

Your Turn

How about you? Do you think ponchos make good comfort clothes seniors can wear easily? Which of the ponchos above did you like the best? We’d love to hear. Also, do any of your sweet senior parents have a poncho? How do they like them? Any more suggestions? We also love to hear your comments! 🙂


P.S. Click here to check out more ideas for easy comfort clothes seniors can enjoy.  Also…





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