Pog milk bottle caps, Russ Berrie Trolls Dolls, or Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets? Keeping Up With The Grandkid Crazes!

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What is a pog - it is fun little milk bottle caps that you can collect or play games with

Do any of you in the never-aging Baby Boomers Generation remember the POG craze – those silly little milk bottle caps that kids loved to collect, trade, or play with? It hit about the time my girls were tweens and we had those cute milk caps coming out of our ears.

Russ Berrie Trolls Dolls - I loved each little troll toy I had

Or how about those adorable Russ Berrie Trolls Dolls from our own youth. I just LOVED each little troll toy I had way back then.

Shaped rubber bands are all the rage right now

Now there's a new craze and our grandkids (mine anyway, plus tons of others based on what I saw at the mall yesterday and read online tonight) are loving them to pieces. They have a variety of names, including Shaped Rubber Bands or Silly Bandz. They are basically rubber bands that come in a huge variety of shapes. There are animal shaped rubber bands,

Animal shaped rubber bands are so cute

musical instrument rubber band bracelets,

Musical instrument rubber band bracelets are rocking

dinosaur shaped rubber band bracelets icon

icon icon

pretty princess silly bandz bracelets icon

pretty princess silly bandz bracelets

and so many more. I bought a Wild West set of shaped rubber bands icon yesterday

These will each make a cute Wild West rubber band bracelet

to add to the collection of my local grandkids. Aren't they cute? Apparently these rubber band bracelets are all very popular for trading so the more the merrier.

Very cool glitter shaped rubber bands - make great rubber band bracelets

We first discovered them at the airport where they run about $5 for a dozen. It was better at the mall – $4 for a dozen. When I went on a hunt for where to get the cheapest shaped rubber bands/silly bandz bracelets, I found that Amazon seems to have the best price – 72 total in 6 varieties of the Shaped Rubber Bands – Silly Bandz  for $8.76 and free shipping. However, the review says these are smaller than the originals. Good for little ones or just trading.

a variety of silly bandz - rubber band bracelets

Even though most of my granddaughters are pretty tiny, I think I'm going to "splurge" on Walmart's silly bandz princess set – 48 for $10.99 – for my long distance grandprincesses. 

pretty princess silly bandz bracelets - perfect for pint-size grandprincesses

They're not available in the stores, but can be shipped to their local Walmart for free or very inexpensively to their home. They'd be happy with either but the princess collection would be ultra-special. I love fun and inexpensive ideas for grandparents to stay in touch and close to grandchildren when living far away and this will definitely be a cute one.

Some caveats do come with these fun little shaped rubber bands. Aside from the expected warning – not for under 5 years old – you need to monitor them on the child's wrists. Especially if they put several on. One of my grandkids did a bunch, and the arm started changing colors. Needless to say we got them off quickly, and now limit how many go on, and for how long. And never let them wear them to bed.

Also, some schools are now banning these silly bandz bracelets as the kids love to trade them, sometimes in class, and they can be a real distraction. I would suggest calling your school before your grandchild takes any silly bandz bracelets there. Still, they're a silly and fun new craze and I bet they'd be great for making 3d craft projects with.

Have your grandkids discovered these Silly Bandz yet? What do they think of them? Have you found better resources for purchasing them? We'd love to hear. 🙂

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  • Pog milk bottle caps, Russ Berrie Trolls Dolls, or Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets? Keeping Up With The … http://tinyurl.com/27o5vfo

  • Pog milk bottle caps, Russ Berrie Trolls Dolls, or Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets? Keeping Up With The … http://tinyurl.com/27o5vfo

  • I did trolls, my daughter did trolls, and now my 3 year old granddaughter is playing with some of those trolls. Unfortunately she is still too young for the rubber bands, I guess! ah well, looks like fun!

  • Hi NannyKim, You can look at the packages. Some I saw said 3 but others 5 so I went with ultra safety. Either way, I would check with parents and supervise closely with the little ones. Then again, they may still be a hot craze in a year or two. You just never know. Troll toys and Pog milk bottle caps are still going on a milder basis. 🙂