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Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ideas for Caregivers

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Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ideas from SandwichINKIt’s the holiday season and SandwichINK has been joining in the fun with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound on Pink Saturday each week following her intriguing themes. Today…I’m sharing BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH IDEAS!   🙂

Breast cancer awareness clip art for my post on Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ideas

I thought I’d share some fun and easy pink supplies and crafts for seniors and their grand kids to enjoy, courtesy of my visit to one of our local crafts stores. Isn’t this a fun pink boa. Delightful for the dress-up box for grandkids, don’t you think?

SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation sharing cute and fun Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ideas for crafts for kidsLovely bracelets along with cute craft baubles – great for a variety of pink crafts. 

breast cancer awareness hat crochet pattern and other pink crafts ideas

I have several grandkids who love to crochet. This pretty pink yard would make their hearts sing!  Great to use for a variety of breast cancer awareness pink hats, scarves etc. Craftsy has some cute patterns, including some free options.

breast cancer awareness pink ideas include cute hats crochet pattern and other pink craftsIsn’t this lovely yard from Hobby Lobby! More great “ingredients” for lovely pink breast cancer awareness pink hats.

breast cancer awareness pink hats from hobby lobby

And here’s a lovely idea for our Sandwich Generation family this month. How about crocheting cute breast cancer awareness pink hats for foster babies. A good deed times two makes it doubly special.  Interested? Click here for some cute breast cancer awareness pink hats patterns including some adorable ones for babies, including at least one free pattern. After all, give and it will be given you! And wow! This is a give give give option as you give to your grandkids, give to foster kids, and give encouragement to those impacted by breast cancer!

Don’t forget the most important of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ideas everywhere – to have a mammogram done regularly, per your doctor’s recommendations. Also, be sure to check on your senior parents (yes, it can affect men as well as women)! And enjoy other healthy ways of caring for the caregiver as well, including fun projects with our grandkids. Pink Blessings, y’all!

breast cancer awareness pink hat crochet pattern and other pink crafts



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  1. Good advice and Michael’s is such a great place! Amara’s Mommy and I went there yesterday and didn’t take Amara with us — she was very disappointed! I love all the pink!

  2. My is due now, I love Micheal’s too. Thanks for linking with me 🙂

  3. 🙂

  4. Then again, KC, I’ve learned I spend a lot less if I go by myself. 🙂 And even then, I still spend a LOT. 🙂 Worth it for grand memories with the grandkids – not to mention excellent activities and projects. 🙂

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