The Sandwich Generation appreciates a pharmacy that delivers

Pharmacy Time-Saving Tips for the Sandwich Generation

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The Sandwich Generation appreciates a pharmacy that deliversPharmacies are an important part of my Sandwich Generation family. Whether it's picking up ibuprofen for aches and pains, ice packs and bags for post-surgery recovery, cough medicine remedies and drops for the whole multigenerational family – from young grandkids on up to aging parents – we really depend on them, don't we?

When my kids were young, we just went to the pharmacy connected with our insurance, or the closest drug store to make things more convenient. Now that I'm caring for aging parents and grandkids but having to travel occasionally, not to mention overseeing the care of long distance seniors, I look for slightly different priorities:

  • Number one on my preferred list is "do they deliver?" In this day and age, I would have said NO. But I would have been wrong. In every community that I have family members, I was able to find at least one drug store that offers free or low cost delivery. Their delivery area is limited and I suspect one of my family would not be successful in getting deliveries to their home, but most would.
  • No delivery option? Then my next choice is a pharmacy with a drive up window, preferably 24 hours. As we all know well, medical emergencies do not keep 9-5 hours. And in the Sandwich Generation, we can often have more emergencies than most.

I would recommend you check now for pharmacies that deliver in the area of your loved ones, before you need them. Then, you can add their phone number and address to your speed dial and "be prepared." And be especially nice to your local pharmacy staff whenever possible. They can be such a wonderful resource to you if you have special needs come up. 

The Sandwich Generation always appreciates tips that help save us timeThe medical needs for family members of the Sandwich Generation caregiver can definitely be challenging. Having a pharmacy that delivers will be a huge help to you – saving you time if you are at home, and being there "for you" if you are out of town or caring at a distance. Hopefully, you will have at least one near you as well, or if not, then a 24 hour pharmacy. If you do, or if you've found another great option, we'd love to hear. 🙂 

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    Pharmacy Time-Saving Tips for the Sandwich Generation…

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