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Transitioning your Aging Parent - a book for those caring for elderly parents - by Dale Carter

SandwichINK Book Review: Transitioning Your Aging Parent

As busy members of the Sandwich Generation, caring for elderly parents and helping with grandchildren, we frequently have mile-long to-do lists! Here’s a good resource…

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Bicycling - whether on a tandem cruiser bike, an adult tricycle, or a traditional road bike - is great exercise and a lot more fun with good company s

Don’t Forget The Camera When Enjoying Active Boomers & Seniors Exercise

Enjoying boomers and seniors exercise alone or making it part of activities for grandparents and their grandchildren (kids need fitness too!)? Remember the camera! And have a great time, knowing you are helping your body, your mind, and your spirits!

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Boomer and senior fitness and bodybuilding is an excellent way to exercise for osteoporosis

Looking for an Easy Weight Bearing Exercise Book for Osteoporosis Prevention or Treatment?

Are you looking for easy weight bearing exercises to help with natural osteoporosis prevention or treatment? Check out this guide…

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Munchkin Math Telling Time DVD

Learning to Tell Time-Fun Activities For Grandparents and Grandchildren

Looking for fun activities for grandparents and grandchildren to help them learn to tell time, Here are some my fun things to do my grandkids and I enjoyed.

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A Pause in Lent - Praise and Worship music and words of encouragement for the Sandwich Generation elder caregivers and grandparents

Easter Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren Can Encourage You As Well!

It’s two weeks until Easter and my grandchildren and I have continued to enjoy our Resurrection Easter Eggs activities for grandparents and grandchildren…

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Cuddl Duds Help Busy Sandwich Generation Senior Home Care Givers and Grandparents

Cuddle Duds (or Cuddle Duds) provide me, as a Sandwich Generation senior home care giver juggling plenty of needs, great options for staying warm on the go!

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Grandma Always Said, “Good Things Come in Small Packages”

The Baby Boomers Generation grandparents who are also elder caregivers often find small food containers can be great ways to save time, money, and waste.

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make paper aiplane steps per several books.

Build Cool Paper Airplanes and Watch Grandkids Smile Even When Sick

Building cool paper airplanes together is one of those encouraging activities for grandparents and grandchildren that can make a sick day or rainy day brighter.

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Elderly eating healthy is a key priority to a fun holiday

Caregiving: Elderly Eating Healthy

Thanksgiving dinners were yummy, the leftovers were great, but now we’ve gone beyond the point of no return. Per Mayo Clinic, 3-4 days is the longest we should be eating leftovers. After that, they need to be trashed! And as caregivers for elderly parents and/or other elderly friends and relatives, it is important for us to […]

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