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These lovely spring flowers and encouraging Bible verses in PINK definitely brighten the day for my Sandwich Generation family even when we are surrounded by clouds

Flowers and Verses to Encourage All Ages in the Sandwich Generation

Psalm 71 is so appropriate for all ages in our Sandwich Generation family with encouraging Bible verses to remind us God is our fortress!

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Encouraging Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids

Fun Ways to Share Encouraging Bible Verses with Our Senior Parents and Our Grandkids

This Sandwich Generation caregiver loves to use fun iPhone-iPad photo & text apps to share encouraging Bible verses with grandkids & senior parents

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It is so important for boomers and seniors to enjoy fun physical senior activities but even more important - to find our strength in the Lord God

Important Activities For Boomers and Seniors Include Spiritual As Well As Physical

Fun exercise activities for boomers and seniors are so vital – physical, mental, AND spiritual! They all keep us more active and alert and help us to keep…

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Fun crafts and encouraging Bible verses fill the VBS day for grandkids AND grandparents in AND out of the Sandwich Generation

Vacation Bible School For Grandkids AND Grandparents

Vacation Bible School is here! What fun it is for the GRANDPARENTS as well as the grandkids-a great way of leaving a sweet spiritual legacy of servanthood.

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Encouraging Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation John 1 1 and 3 letters

Seriously Encouraging Bible Verses Coupled with Serious Fun iPhone Photo Apps From The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny

Serious fun with some of my new and most useful iphone photo apps coupled with encouraging Bible memory verses for children and grandkids.

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The Adventure Bible for kids is one of the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids favorites

The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny Loves Fun iPhone Apps That Make for Creative Activities for Grand kids and Grandparents – Like WordFoto

Grandparents like me love an easy to use digital camera AND easy to use photo editors. Join the Sandwich Generation granny nanny on a hunt fun iPhone apps and more.

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Verse By Verse Bible Studies “To Go” Are A Blessing for the Busy Sandwich Generation

Listening to these excellent audio verse by verse Bible studies with my grandson-a fun way of leaving a sweet spiritual legacy!

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This Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves her easy to use digital camera to take photos of the personalized and unique Christmas tree ornaments on my tree

Enjoying Fun and Easy Christmas and Advent Music, Crafts, and Activities for Kids and Seniors

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny & grandkids love fun & easy Christmas-Advent music, crafts & activities for kids & seniors.

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God loves EWE for the Sandwich Generation to give to trick or treaters small

Christian Halloween Activities for Kids and Grandkids

Sharing Christian Halloween activities for kids grandparents and grandchildren including cute coloring pictures and other fun activities

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My grandkids love Webkinz stuffed animals - including their black bat - quite cute as long as he is this plush

Fun Activities and Ideas for Grandparents and Grandchildren to Celebrate Plush Animal Lovers Day During the Harvest Season

This Sandwich Generation grandparent has fun Christian Halloween ideas & activities with old and new plush Webkinz pets, Bible verses and more

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