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FUN - my senior moms gardening activities are producing these lovely sunflowers for the sporadic sunflower house

Sunflower Fun for Senior Moms Gardening Activities

Latest update of the Sunflowers in our sunflower “house” for Wordless Wednesday. My senior mom’s gardening activities are so fun and healthy!

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Worms a such a blessing for senior gardening projects like the Sunflower Houses or Butterfly Garden - they do a lot of our work for us as my sweet grandpa used to tell me

Fun as We Enjoy Senior Butterfly Gardening and Sunflower Activities

Senior gardening and sunflower activities fun for grandparents and grandchildren. My senior mom is looking forward to her butterfly garden as well!

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Playing army under the shade tree - with hide holes for the soldiers - is fun activities for grandparents and their grandchildren

Tag, A Fairy House, and a Hideout for Army Toys for Grand-Kids = Fun Activities for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren!

Wondering how people over 50 can raise their metabolism? Active and educational activities for grandparents and their grandchildren can be a definite help!

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I do love these pink-purple flowers on the butterfly bush - some of my senior moms gardening activities

Happy Pink Saturday To The Sandwich Generation With Our Pink Butterfly Bush

Pink Saturday flowers for the Sandwich Generation from my senior mom’s gardening activities with the Butterfly Bush and Sunflower House.

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But this lovely posy residing in one of my senior moms garden wagons helped make our gardening more joy-full

Autumn and Fall Joys Ease The Boomer Senior Gardening Woes

Autumn & fall joy for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny, senior mom, & grandkids help make up for gardening woes like the Sunflower House this year.

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Hints of autumn from this lovely flower makes the heart of the Sandwich Generation granny nanny beat a bit faster

Hints of Autumn In Our Boomer and Senior Gardening Projects – A Delightful Treat for the Sandwich Generation

Hints of Autumn make this update of our boomer senior gardening projects, from the Sunflower House that wasn’t to the sweet flowers that are, extra delightful for all of us in the Sandwich Generation

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My grandson was thrilled to find I can order him the Wow Wee Paper Jamz Guitar Series II - Style 4 and get it delivered free via Amazon Prime Discounts Membership

Grandkid Glee from Gardens to Guitars!

What are Paper Jamz Guitars? With a grandkid saving for one, I found out, in between weeding the Sunflower House & playing Sequence for Kids

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The senior gardening 2011 projects of Sunflower Houses - how to create a butterfly garden garden - and a lovely Mr Lincoln red rose bush are off to a great start

Baby Boomer and Senior Gardening News: They’re GROWING!

It’s good news for boomers and seniors at my house! Our gardening projects are GROWING & the Grandkids are planning Sunflower House fun…

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This sandwich generation granny nanny and her senior mom love the Forsythia bush that means SPRING

The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and The Senior Mom Are Thinking SPRING Gardening!

SPRING- fun garden activities for grandparents and grandchildren include the Sunflower Houses, a garden wagon, easy to use digital camera…

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My senior mothers gardening projects are all frozen over - but spring is coming

With Physical Activities for Senior Citizens Limited Due to Snow – Gardening and Bird Magazines Are Keeping Our Sandwich Generation Spirits High

Chomping at the bit to get to spring? So is my Sandwich Generation household, from my senior mom and her gardening plans to my grandkids and the Sunflower House

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