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Christian Words of Encouragement from Kaye Swain real estate agent in Roseville CA

Sweet Autumn Blessings For Boomers and Seniors Caring for Elderly Parents at Home

Christian encouragement for boomers and seniors caring for elderly parents at home or long distance

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Pretty in pink toilet seats have covers to make it warmer for our elderly parents at night in Placer County California and beyond

Potty Talk For Multigenerational Caregivers

Flu bugs, surgery, UTI, toilet seats, and more! Just some of the issues a multigenerational caregiver might be juggling.

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My prayer for the United States - leaders and all - to follow Jesus - the LIGHT of the world - on this patriotic holiday and beyond

Patriotic Thoughts, Prayers, Posts and Praise

Scripture picture, patriotic music, and prayers abound – join us.

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Encouraging and comforting Bible verses from Kaye Swain and my multigenerational family

Good News for Our Multigenerational Families

Scripture memory photo I made using some of my fave mobile apps for my iPhone. Great for sharing with grandkids & using for real estate biz.

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Comforting and encouraging Bible verses for all of us FOR MY IPHONE.jpg

Words of Encouragement for Our Family

Words of encouragement for our mobile phones and grandkids

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Gods comfort when we are grappling with the issues of grief and loss

Eight Things That Helped Me Tremendously During Seasons of Grief and Loss

Are you dealing with one of the difficult seasons of grief and loss? Here are 8 things that blessed me when I have walked that path.

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Christmas stationery for the Sandwich Generation and their grandkids

Advent Joys As We Learn More About Christmas Carols With Our Grandkids: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Merry Christmas! Enjoy cute country clipart printables for the grandkids, not to mention you and even your senior parents.

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Advent Music for Our Sandwich Generation Families – Handel’s Messiah – Unto Us A Child Is Born

How's your peace doing this Advent season? I must confess, mine has definitely been up and down! When cold symptoms rear their ugly head or a senior mom needs her blood pressure checked because she is not feeling well; when traffic and confusing freeway directions lead to getting temporarily lost and delayed arrivals; when tempers […]

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Be Prepared – A Great Message To Share With Our Grandkids – Indeed, All Our Loved Ones!

It’s vital for us, in AND out of the Sandwich Generation, to be prepared – whether it’s for a stormy power outage or our Savior’s return!

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Encouraging Bible Verses remind the Sandwich Generation family to dwell and work together in unity

Unity Is Vital for the Whole Sandwich Generation Family

Encouraging Bible verses remind the Sandwich Generation, juggling multigenerational caregiving issues, of the importance of unity.

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