Treadmills can provide fun and healthy exercise for seniors - public domain photo from U.S. Air Force

Our Thought Process When We Went to Buy A Treadmill for My Senior Mom

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Treadmills can provide fun and healthy exercise for seniors - public domain photo from U.S. Air Force  When my senior mom decided to purchase a treadmill, I got onto the computer and did some research. The two consistent comments/complaints I kept reading were:

1. They are difficult to assemble

2. Some can have repair issues – sometimes early on – that weren't always covered by the treadmiill's warranty

At that point, we made the same choice for her that I made for a treadmill I bought over a decade ago. We went with Sears BECAUSE:

  • They offer assembly for a fee.
  • They offer a wonderful extended warranty that covers ANY problems the treadmill might have for the next five years AND provides an annual tune-up which can often help forestall problems – also for an added charge . While I would imagine most of the complaints are from people who use their treadmills much more than we will, we didn't want to take any chances.

We researched the two primary treadmill brands they offered in our price range, NordicTrack and ProForm, and chose the NordicTrak T5.5 Treadmill because:

  • Both companies had good ratings on different, but similar model treadmills by Consumer Reports
  • The NordicTrack had more walking area – which I would think will help seniors who might wobble a tad
  • The ProForm they had- the crosswalk- had arms which are probably great for cardio but would have been confusing for my senior mom – on top of which, that would be something else that could go wrong. We wanted a plain and simple treadmill and our NordicTrack fits that bill nicely. 
  • It offered a nice, and fairly easy to understand, set of buttons / controls.

I made similar choices with my old treadmill, which was a little bit more expensive one but not by much. I loved the treadmill and I loved the great service from Sears. Sadly, I had to loan it (probably permanently) to a friend when we downsized. Ah well, this looks to be another excellent option and we are both looking forward to putting it to good use for, hopefully, many years to come. Particularly since we will allow our grandkids to use it – but carefully and with full supervision. Fun for our whole Sandwich Generation family. 🙂

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