Organized Christmas presents under the tree make a life full of the Sandwich Generation issues a bit easier

Early Shopping And Organizing Christmas Gifts Can Be A Big Help When Dealing with The Sandwich Generation Issues

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Merry Christmas! Check out my senior mom's gorgeous Red Cardinal Christmas tree ornament! Isn't it pretty! 🙂 And it looks so nice on our Christmas tree, which is loaded with gifts underneath. I can't believe it, but in the midst of all the extra Sandwich Generation issues, I'm actually not doing bad at prepping for Christmas. That's mainly because I started early JUST IN CASE health issues arose, which they are starting to do. So far, it's mainly just a mild flu bug and some health issues for my senior mom that have been ongoing. But the warnings are out this may be a bad flu year so I am hoping to be all done soon.

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves her aging parents red Kentucky cardinal - a sweet and unique Christmas tree ornament

Another thing I'm "test-driving" this year is organizing my gifts to make it easier to deal with them on Christmas AND to be prepared just in case I have to send them with someone else. First, I followed the grand advice from #EldercareChat and took advantage of my sweet mom's offer to wrap the gifts. To make it easier for both of us, I put all the gifts for one person into one bag with that person's name on it. Then, I gave one bag at a time to my senior mom. She wrapped them all and put them back into the same cute bag. That way, it wasn't confusing for her and she had a great time as she listened to Christmas music and books on tape. She did a bag a day and then headed for a good solid nap after each.

Organized Christmas presents under the tree make a life full of the Sandwich Generation issues a bit easier

The three exceptions were the gifts my grandkids bought each other at Dollar Store. Those, they wrapped. Now all are under the tree looking delightful and when we head for their house on Christmas, it'll be so easy and festive to carry the bags and a piece of cake to hand a bag at a time to the "elves" who hand out the gifts to everyone. I'll have to let you know if it makes it more peaceful on Christmas Day. 🙂 Even if not, it's still more peaceful here! And if health prevents us going, which has happened a couple of times over the decades, it'll be easy for us to send the bags and easy for them to hand them out. When you have very young kids or are dealing with the Sandwich Generation health issues of life, planning  ahead for illnesses can really be necessary! 

Happy Rednesday, Happy Caregiving Holiday Progressive Blog Party and Happy Tuesday. 🙂 

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  1. I really love this idea Kaye! And what’s really special about it is that it involved your Mom so actively in the process. She must have felt so pleased to be helping you and you must have felt so pleased not to have to do all that wrapping yourself! I think this is the sort of giving and receiving that is right at the heart of what Christmas really is meant to be but sometimes isn’t. Hope all the health worries don’t materialise. Advent blessings to you and yours. Elizabeth x

  2. Thanks Thomasina, She did, indeed, enjoy it immensely, though it also tired her out. I have to watch for these opportunities. Just as with wee ones, it’s often easier to do it ourselves, but it’s immeasurably better to include them in the process, isn’t it? Merry Christmas! 🙂

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